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At LPA, we understand the challenges of complying with numerous different European reporting regimes for capital market participants. Our experts have extensive experience in designing and implementing several transaction reporting requirements such as EMIR, MMSR, MiFIR and SFTR.

Being pioneers of innovation in capital markets, we at LPA offer our services not only to comply with well-known upcoming requirements but focus on optimizing your regulatory reporting landscape with an holistic view across multiple reporting regimes.

With EMIR REFIT and revised MMSR reporting instructions two reporting regimes are recently under scrutiny to comply with latest revisions of regulatory requirements. These latest revisions not only require adjustments to the affected interfaces and data fields, but also provide market participants with the opportunity to optimize the overall transaction reporting landscape. Our Regulatory Reporting SMEs target supporting implementation of existing requirements or the harmonization of reporting capabilities to minimize future efforts. Our offer involves:

  • Off-loading most implementation efforts from financial institutions’ legacy IT-landscape to specialized 3rd party providers by using our broad network and partnerships with reporting solutions and trade repositories.
  • Supporting the development of new in-house central solutions to minimize future efforts when existing or new regulatory requirements come into play.
  • Supporting the implementation of new requirements within current IT-landscapes without overturning existing in-house solutions.

Our consulting approach is holistic and includes business and technical analysis as well as strategic and tactical IT implementation.

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Our consultants are well-versed in the latest developments and innovations in EMIR REFIT requirements:

  • End-to-end reporting in ISO 20022 .xml format.
  • Data Sourcing and Mapping to comply with the extension and amendments of reporting fields.
  • UPI Generation
  • Implementation of reporting logic via specification of lifecycle events based on the combination of action and event type.
  • Set up of dispute handling processes to comply with the new reconciliation requirements.

With our expertise and experience, we can help you navigate the complex landscape of EMIR and ensure compliance with the latest regulations.



Our consultants are well-versed in the latest developments and innovations in MMSR requirements and support their clients in adjusting their reporting logic to align with the revised guidelines.

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EMIR REFIT: Focus on new reporting obligations

Master the EMIR REFIT requirements with our expert whitepaper: A comprehensive agenda providing insights into the reform, from the extension of reporting fields to the introduction of the Unique Product Identifier (UPI), as well as our proven implementation approach.


Hans Joachim Lefeld

Hans Joachim Lefeld

Partner, Germany

Günther Neurohr

Günther Neurohr

Senior Manager Consulting, Germany


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