Managed Services


Managed Services

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Managed Services

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A sustainable business model requires efficient infrastructure and processes that comply with regulatory requirements. Streamline, automate and outsource the creation and process of document generation, issuance and reporting with the LPA cloud application.

We provide and efficient end-to-end service that meets compliance requirements.   

ApplicationClient BenefitManaged Services Activity
Regulatory ReportingAssurance of compliant reporting process

Client is responsible for providing full, correct, usable and complete input data
LPA produce reports, validate data quality, etc.
Daily New IssuesFull handling of daily new issue businessLPA process new issue data delivered by client
Post issuance and settlementFull handling of post issuance and settlement activities (knock-outs, de-listings etc.)Client only delivers relevant information/data
KIDs engineFully automated KID engine including ex-ante notifications to regulatorsLPA calculates regulatory PRIIPs figures using client data
Annexed legal servicesComprehensive legal services re. prospectus framework, KIDs, regulatory reportingIn cooperation with client legal or external lawyers
OtherDocumentation for; Bonds, Syndicated loans, Commercial papers, Loan agreements etc….LPA handles the upload to stock exchanges, data hubs, regulators etc.

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A tailored service

Our service is tailored to your requirements and preferences. We are able to support with as many or few as the following activities as you would prefer:

  • Data loading and input using your raw electronic data in formats such as txt, csv, xls, xlsx, xml, json.
  • Validation using pre-defined rules for consistency checks, mandatory field completion, data outliers and more
  • Calculations such as performance, risk and ESG data
  • Mass report generation and distribution in local languages and varied file formats such as Word, PDF, email and web.
  • Management and audit oversight

An end-to-end service

At LPA, we offer more than just regulatory reporting. Our end-to-end services provide you with the following options:

  • Total business managed (full outsource): reviewing data quality, classification, reporting to required third parties and consulting on regulator feedback
  • Application: In-house team support with report generation, data flow monitoring and technical support
  • Product maintenance: Ongoing technical updates and testing
  • Infrastructure: SFTP backup, user approvals, new IT Infrastructure requirements

Your benefits

Modularity and flexibilitySelect your preferred service.
No restrictions on product, document and language scope.
Compliance and business continuity
Audit proven compliance and business continuity concept.
PricingFlexible pay-per-use pricing scheme based on services used.
Ease of integrationDeliver data in agreed format via SFTP. No complex integration of new software into IT-infrastructure required.
ScalabilityLPA absorb volume demand fluctuations in our own resource infrastructure.
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