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Why Capmatix for trading?


In today’s fast-evolving and increasingly competitive market, sales and traders are obliged to navigate various aspects including risk, regulatory compliance and more. As a result, banks need access to infrastructure that effectively streamlines their trading activity and allows key day-to-day treasury operations to continue as before.

Capmatix provides a one-stop solution for pre-sales and post-sales trading processes. Our holistic approach to advisory, sales and trading considers regulatory compliance, pricing, documents and pre-existing banking systems. We offer tools that enable banks to simultaneously act as both a market maker and market taker, sourcing liquidity where needed and distributing it where they have expertise.

A range of OTC products

Ability to trade an extensive range of OTC products through a single venue.

Transparent pricing

Greater efficiency in simultaneously sourcing FX derivative products from multiple providers.

Audit trail

A complete trade history, audit trail and record of competitive bids are maintained for each transaction.

Performance and activity reports

Detailed reporting of all trading activities and performance parameters from market maker

Fast implementation

Our web-based technology means that accessing our solutions is quick and easy.


LPA’s independent and neutral market approach provides an ideal platform on which counterparties can trade OTC financial instruments with confidence and mutual trust.


Software and advisory solutions for financial services.


Join our international and dynamic work culture in digitizing capital markets.


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