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Why Capmatix Asset Management for SFDR reporting?


The Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation (SFDR) currently requires that asset managers disclose limited information on the environmental impact of investors. In 2023, the amount of information required will increase. This developing regulation will require that asset managers need to map, calculate and monitor ESG data providers with portfolios, collect ESG data for liquid and illiquid assets, provide documentation and distribute this information to platforms. There is a potential for severe disruption for financial institutions facing this increased regulatory burden, which can add time and complexity to the investment management process. Capmatix AM automates this process, collecting all portfolio sustainability metrics at product and entity level, in compliance with regulations.

We are represented in the different industry associations and the FinDatEx working group that defines the EET. Whenever there are changes, we analyse them and inform our clients about the updates and needed actions.

We do not only help you define the narratives for the regulatory documents, but also can provide analysis of your ESG strategy at company and product level, data provider comparison, definition of front-back processes, regulatory requirements, etc. We support you holistically or in individual points, depending on your current needs.

ESG data sourcing

Centralized sourcing of ESG raw data (via MSCI, Sustainalytics-Morningstar, Refinitiv), collection of asset manager look-through data, as well as regularly updated platforms, and integration of databases such as green bonds.

ESG data monitoring

Classification of missing issuers or instruments issuers, monitoring of PAI scores and data-points validations.

Data standardization

Normalization and alignment of ESG related data-points. For example, for third-party and target funds with varied ESG data providers, resolving inconsistencies between different providers.

Calculation and aggregation

Calculation of PAIs, taxonomy alignment and ratings at portfolio and entity levels; aggregation of holdings according to SFDR mock-ups.

Compliance and risk management

Review portfolios for compliance with ESG strategy and SFDR requirements; reconcile with portfolio management; alerts in case of minimum taxonomy alignment commitment breach; visualizing of sustainability indicator progress over time.

Production and distribution

Production of regular pre-contractual reports such as PAI statements and annual reports, website updates, provision of standardised exchange data via EMT 3.1, EPT, TPT, EET. Support with website design and product descriptions.


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