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Sales Intelligence and Marketing Automation

Boost efficiency, enhance customer satisfaction and increase revenues

Sales intelligence systems and data-driven marketing, such as marketing automation, support financial institutions with customer retention and new-lead generation.

The goal of a modern, customer-centric multi-channel bank is to approach clients with the relevant product or service at the suitable point in time via the right channel. This aligns with the key objectives of marketing automation, which when implemented in banks, allows for both a positive customer experience and a significant economic added value.

Marketing automation goes hand in hand with sales intelligence, which helps sales professionals better understand their target audience. A sales intelligence implementation must reflect the interest of various internal and external stakeholders. For this, data is acquired from relevant sources. Recent developments, such as the introduction of ESG to the financial industry, further enhance both the importance of data and the demand from customers for relevant and high-quality information. All of these dataflows must be accurate, closely analyzed and well managed.

Without full integration of sales intelligence into the bank’s ecosystem, realizing the full potential of scale effects of the data economy will be challenging.

For us at LPA, optimizing financial products sales, automation, and data analytics are among our core competencies. We ensure the smooth implementation of core components to enhance the power of your sales intelligence infrastructure.


Focus areas


Customer selection
Definition and data-based, modularized selection of target groups considering various business criteria, such as marketing opt-ins and customer segments.

Application of state-of-the art analytics and machine learning techniques, such as data minings, and text minings to predict customer behavior and derive next best actions and offers.

Refinement of individual customer approaches through usage of personalized data such as current product usage, client history and account activity.

Automation of repetitive manual processes, such as sending e-mails as part of a customer journey.

Management of customer approaches in an omni-channel set-up by defined rules and client response data.

Tracking & reporting
Tracking of marketing KPIs and value-added analysis through randomized controlled trials, A/B testing and more.

We cover sales intelligence projects front-to-end: from developing an initial vision to optimizing existing set-ups.


Conceptual design
We support you to set the course for success at an early stage. From the development of a common vision to a pre-study including analysis of potential and business and technical conceptualization.

Our wealth of knowledge of solution providers helps you to find the right vendor for your project. During implementation, we support you in defining requirements, testing and go-live.

Health check
We match your existing sales intelligence engine against best practices and identify optimization opportunities by using our extensive hands-on experience with financial product sales, technical and analytical know-how and market knowledge.

Optimization and next-gen sales intelligence
Whether you want to further optimize your sales intelligence solution or take the next step to close the loop. Our experts can help you bring your solution to the next level.

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Philipp Faulstich

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Christian Behm

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