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LPA Employee Andreas Pade

Andreas Pade

Head of Product Asset Management, Germany

LPA Employee Ayal Leibowitz

Ayal Leibowitz

Chief Innovation Officer, Israel

LPA Employee Christian Behm

Christian Behm

Partner, Germany

LPA Employee Daniel Blumberg

Daniel Blumberg

Chief Operating Officer, Germany

LPA Employee Daniel Herzbach

Daniel Herzbach

Head of Quantitative Analytics, Germany

LPA Employee Daniela Rothley

Daniela Rothley

Partner, Germany

LPA Employee Dr. Henning Gockel

Dr. Henning Gockel

Partner, Germany

LPA Employee Frederik van Malderen

Frederik van Malderen

Senior Product Manager, Germany

LPA Employee Hans Joachim Lefeld

Hans Joachim Lefeld

Partner, Germany

LPA Employee Keith O’Brien

Keith O’Brien

Chief Commercial Officer, Germany

LPA Employee Maria Weege

Maria Weege

Head of Marketing, Germany

LPA Employee Mark Reeves

Mark Reeves

Senior Adviser, United Kingdom

LPA Employee Markus Diesing

Markus Diesing

Head of Client Delivery, Germany

LPA Employee Matthias Schulz

Matthias Schulz

Chief Technology Officer, Germany

LPA Employee Maximilian Beckmann

Maximilian Beckmann

Partner, Germany

LPA Employee Nourdine Abderrahmane

Nourdine Abderrahmane

Partner, Switzerland

LPA Employee Ohad Mandel

Ohad Mandel

Head Product Development Israel, Israel

LPA Employee Peter Leech

Peter Leech

Partner, United Kingdom

LPA Employee Peter Monz

Peter Monz

Chief Architect , Germany

LPA Employee Peter Schurau

Peter Schurau

Chief Executive Officer, Germany

LPA Employee Ravit Levanon

Ravit Levanon

Managing Director Israel, Israel

LPA Employee Roland Probst

Roland Probst

Founder & Managing Partner, Germany

LPA Employee Sandro Schmid

Sandro Schmid

Partner, Switzerland

LPA Employee Serge Malka

Serge Malka

US Managing Director, USA

LPA Employee Stefan Lucht

Stefan Lucht

Founder & Managing Partner, Germany

LPA Employee Susan Niederhöfer

Susan Niederhöfer

Head of Sales , Germany

LPA Employee Thomas Hungerkamp

Thomas Hungerkamp

Chief Financial Officer , Germany

LPA Employee Volker Bettag

Volker Bettag

Chief Information Officer, Germany


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