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Navigating the Future of the Structured Products Market

Written by Sahak Artazyan
Dec 21, 2023

Unleashing the Power of Digitalization and Automation as Prerequisites for Harnessing the Full Potential of Artificial Intelligence

AI is not just a distant promise; its impact is already transforming the financial industry. Concrete cases of automation are reshaping operations, mitigating risks, and improving overall efficiency. However, before the anticipated AI boom, a strategic and meticulous groundwork is imperative, challenging the notion of AI as a magical cure-all. This comprehensive preparation involves addressing two critical components: the digitalization of processes and the establishment of a robust data foundation.

Before the Boom

In the intricate landscape of the structured products market, opportunities for automation and digitalization are conspicuous. Digitalization involves not only streamlining client interactions but also automating the creation of regulatory and client documentation. This not only lays the groundwork for a solid infrastructure but also establishes a foundation conducive to the seam- less integration of AI. A crucial prerequisite for effective AI implementation is the cultivation of a well-established data basis. The structured products market must persist in investing in high-quality, standardized databases. These datasets serve as the lifeblood of AI algorithms, enabling them to learn and make informed decisions. Therefore, maintaining a comprehensive and clean data foundation is imperative for AI to thrive and provide meaningful insights.

The Path to Automation

While the structured products market holds the promise of AI-driven innovation, success hinges on meticulous preparation. The initial steps involve digitalizing processes and fortifying the data infrastructure. This foundational work sets the stage for subsequent phases of AI integration. With a robust digital infrastructure and a reliable data foundation in place, the structured products market can transition to implementing AI. Automation of complex decision-making processes becomes feasible, marking a pivotal stride towards a more sophisticated and efficient financial landscape.

In essence, the structured products market’s journey towards AI-driven innovation necessitates recognizing the importance of groundwork. Digitalizing processes and establishing a robust data foundation lay the groundwork for the ongoing integration of AI. This transformative journey demands commitment and investment, yet the dividends in terms of efficiency, risk reduction, and innovation make it a strategic imperative for the structured products market. As we navigate towards a future enhanced by AI, the role of digitalization and automation stands out as a prerequisite for unlocking the full potential of this transformative technology.


Decoding the Future

This report explores the world of structured products, discussing their future in the era of automation and disruptive technologies. It gathers insights from the forefront of RegTech implementation and analyses distinctions between structured products markets in Europe and Asia.


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