Syndicated Loans

End-to-end digitalization of the syndicated lending process

Syndicated loans at a glance

The syndicated lending process requires the manual intervention, expertise and collaboration of Deal Captains and Relationship Managers, Middle Office and Lending Operations. Lack of project overview, accuracy risk, and inefficient communication leads to slow deal execution for your clients. To improve your syndicated lending process, increased efficiency, reduced operational risk, and seamless workflow management are essential.

For this, Contract Navigator provides a unique software solution that uses AI to digitalize your manual processes and optimize your workflows. Obtain robust audit trails and accurate policy compliance through digital transformation.

Contract Navigator does this by:

  • Providing one integrated syndicated loans platform for use across multiple departments.
  • Digitizing key loan agreement documents and performing data extraction in a matter of minutes.
  • Automatically connecting loan agreement data to third party platforms, such a Fusion Loan IQ, via a unique API.
  • Digitally extracting and comparing key clauses against preferred clauses or bank policy.
  • Automating the extraction of covenants from an agreement and sending notifications to the relevant parties.


Information extraction


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Collaboration feature


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Document generation

  • Generate compliant, audit-proof and error-free documents in line with the Loan Markets Association (LMA) best practice.
  • Generate internal documents such as credit requests and other deal papers.

Document digitization

  • Build a single source of truth.
  • Store all documents at a case level, audit changes and keep version history.
  • Extract clauses to a searchable contract library.
  • Seamless integration to third Party AI.

Online negotiation

  •  Manage contract negotiation by replacing external e-mails with external lawyers.
  • Leverage a data-driven clause library containing market standards, bank preferred clauses and client preferences.

Workflow optimization

  • Configure best-practice loan execution.
  • Automate deal management, tracking, approvals, documentation negotiation, lifecycle events and all related activities.
  • Real time API integration such as booking interfaces, e-signature, KYC and sanction checks.

Approval management

  • Navigate and automate all agreement drafting, collaboration and negotiation approval tasks.
  • Manage data points and clause approvals with robust audit trail.


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