Syndicated Loans

End-to-end digitization of the syndicated lending process for banks

Syndicated loans at a glance


What’s the problem today?

The syndicated lending process for banks is often long and complex. It requires the manual intervention, expertise, and collaboration of many internal parties These complicated processes result in the loss of potential value for banks and generates little or no benefits for customers and shareholders. In order to mitigate losses and accelerate profits, banks aim to improve the efficiency of their processes.


How do we solve it?

Contract Navigator is a best-in-class software for commercial banks that digitizes loan agreements and the end-to-end management of syndicated loans. By digitizing contracts and optimizing workflows, banks can reduce their cost-to-income ratio and be ready for a data-driven future.


Document generation

  • Generate compliant, audit-proof and error-free documents in line with the Loan Markets Association (LMA) best practice.
  • Generate internal documents such as credit requests and other deal papers.

Document digitization

  • Build a single source of truth.
  • Store all documents at a case level, audit changes and keep version history.
  • Extract clauses to a searchable contract library.
  • Seamless integration to third Party AI.

Online negotiation

  •  Manage contract negotiation by replacing external e-mails with external lawyers.
  • Leverage a data-driven clause library containing market standards, bank preferred clauses and client preferences.

Workflow optimization

  • Configure best-practice loan execution.
  • Automate deal management, tracking, approvals, documentation negotiation, lifecycle events and all related activities.
  • Real time API integration such as booking interfaces, e-signature, KYC and sanction checks.

Approval management

  • Navigate and automate all agreement drafting, collaboration and negotiation approval tasks.
  • Manage data points and clause approvals with robust audit trail.


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