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LPA at SRP Europe 2024

Written by Sahak Artazyan
Jun 17, 2024

The LPA team was thrilled to once again participate in the annual SRP Europe conference held in London. This event brings together leading renowned institutions from the European structured product industry, and this year, LPA not only attended but also proudly supported the SRP event as a Bronze sponsor.

Led by Stefan Lucht, co-CEO, the LPA delegation included Susan Niederhöfer, Global Head of Sales, Ayal Leibowitz, Head of Regulation, Santiago Calderón, Managing Director Southics, Sahak Artazyan, Head of Sales at Capmatix SP, Sarah Grimmelbein, Senior Sales Strategic Accounts, Ravit Levanon, Managing Director Israel, and Charles Kim-Régnier, Senior Sales Manager. The event was a great opportunity for meaningful discussions on the latest market trends and technological innovations in the industry with both existing and potential clients.

The highlight of the conference was Susan Niederhöfer’s participation as a speaker in a panel discussion focusing on the pivotal role of technology in shaping the structured products market. She noted the significance of IT in enabling scalability and enhancing connectivity, emphasizing the potential transformative impact of innovations like AI on data utilization and customer information management.

As the structured products industry continues to transform, events such as SRP Europe provide a valuable platform for networking and knowledge sharing. With a commitment to innovation and customer- centric solutions, LPA is always at the forefront of this dynamic landscape, and we cannot wait to come back next year to the SRP Europe event!


Decoding the Future

This report explores the world of structured products, discussing their future in the era of automation and disruptive technologies. It gathers insights from the forefront of RegTech implementation and analyses distinctions between structured products markets in Europe and Asia.


Sahak Artazyan

Sahak Artazyan

Sales Manager, Germany

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