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Capmatix Structured Products User Group Meeting

Written by Sophia Pfannes
Jun 17, 2024

Over the last few years, LPA has successfully onboarded and maintained installations for all sizes and types of financial institutions in Europe (Germany, Spain, UK, Switzerland, Italy, etc.). With over 350 experts, the Capmatix SP User Group is a key resource for both new and experienced clients to connect with one another, offer suggestions on best practices, and ask questions about using LPA software solutions.
We at LPA are thrilled that our customers actively participated in our Capmatix SP session on 14th of March 2024! If you have not yet attended our User Group Meeting, we invite you to do so. You can request to join by contacting your dedicated Account Manager, or by contacting us (see contacts at the end of this report). You can also email us at

Capmatix SP Roadmap explained to our clients

During the event, Patrick Reum, our Capmatix SP Product Manager, provided an overview of the Capmatix SP product development trajectory and new modules. Emphasis was placed on transparency, with Patrick clearly outlining Capmatix SP strengths and areas for improvement, which garnered significant interest from participants. Key takeaways included a focus on product development, with new versions scheduled for release every six months, and improved visibility of the roadmap.

A glance at regulations

Are you familiar with Retail Investment Strategy (RIS) and European Single Access Point (ESAP)?
The main goals of RIS are to increase EU citizens’ long-term savings and participation in capital markets. As an “Omnibus Directive”, RIS will leadmto amendments to several directives and regulations, including MiFID II, IDD, PRIIPs, UCITS, AIFMD and Solvency. Please contact our team to learn more about the key upcoming PRIIPs amendments, including digital KIDs, sustainability sections, 4-page KID extensions and more. On the other hand, ESAP tackles the difficulties of accessing relevant information on all regulations. This information remains scattered, not machine readable and for many stakeholders still constitutes a language barrier. Different regulations and directives will be
included in the initiative through successive phases that we would be more than happy to walk you through.

A deep dive into KIDCalc Analytics

KIDCalc Analytics is a new Capmatix SP module that facilitates the calculation of key figures for specific KIDs, allowing for the validation of new products directly through a web UI. Through a simple link on the screen, KIDCalc Analytics can be opened, highlighting key figures with interim results. Further calculations can be initiated with just one click, incorporating historical data for comprehensive analysis. From scenario analysis to cost evaluation, this tool provides insights into various aspects, including Value at Risk (VaR), cash flows, market value, costs, internal rate of return (IRR), and more. Additionally, it offers a sorted distribution of scenario values, enabling users to assess different paths and outcomes.

A word on market trends

The financial landscape is witnessing a profound transformation as established market players embark on various initiatives to position themselves within the rapidly expanding realm of digital assets. At the regulatory level, initiatives such as the DLT pilot regime and MiCaR highlight essential gaps in the regulatory framework. These initiatives aim to address the evolving needs of the market and provide a solid foundation for future development. Other initiatives may include the CBDC project from the European Central Bank, the DZ Bank pilot phase on Bitcoin Trading, the issuance of tokenized fund shares on SWIAT blockchain by Deka Investment, and more. We can imagine that with DLT integration, securities’ value chain can be streamlined, for example looking at the D7 – digital issuing platform – and Capmatix SP partnership.


The Capmatix SP User Group meeting provides a great opportunity for dialogue, collaboration, and knowledge sharing among industry peers. Feedback from participants, including representatives from Landesbank Baden-Württemberg (LBBW) and DekaBank, underscored the value of transparency and communication. We invite you to join us for future sessions as we continue to explore emerging trends, address challenges, and drive innovation in the financial sector.


Decoding the Future

This report explores the world of structured products, discussing their future in the era of automation and disruptive technologies. It gathers insights from the forefront of RegTech implementation and analyses distinctions between structured products markets in Europe and Asia.


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