IBOR Transition Webinar – xIBOR: What is happening beyond LIBOR?

#CapTalk: August 4th, 2020, 11:00am (CET)

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The transition away from LIBOR is extensively discussed. But what is happening in other currencies and jurisdictions? In this #CapTalk we’d like to take you on a journey throughout the world. Our experts will discuss the current status of EURIBOR, which might have a few more years but has striking similarities with LIBOR. Furthermore, light is shed on other critical benchmarks under EU BMR like WIBOR and STIBOR. And other continents will also be reviewed such as Asia and the Americas.

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IBOR Transition Webinar - August 4th 2020


  • Maximilian Beckmann
  • Peter Woeste Christensen
    IBOR Evangelist
  • Luise Woda
    IBOR Analyst

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