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"Maximize Profits Without the Hassle: Capmatix Simplifies Complex Issuance Processes, Letting You Focus on Growth"

Elevate your banking business with Capmatix, the innovative solution designed for issuers of structured retail products. Capmatix empowers banks to expand across borders, seamlessly navigating complex regulatory landscapes while efficiently producing regulatory and marketing documentation in multiple languages.
Whether you're seeking to grow existing operations or enter new markets, Capmatix offers the robust solutions and flexibility you need to succeed. Step into a new era of growth and compliance with Capmatix, where expanding your structured retail product business has never been this simple.

Capmatix Features


All relevant regulatory documentation (KIDs, term sheets, etc.) from one verified source, produced from one integrated automated solution.

Connectivity Hub

Connected to data hubs, exchanges, regulators, etc. with established APIs.

KIDCalc Engine

Best-in-breed financial engineering outputting all relevant figures from one central data source.

Workflow Automation

Innovative and intuitive usage maximizing the level of automation.

LPA: 25 Years of Proven Excellence with an Innovative FinTech Spirit

Lucht Probst Associates (LPA) leads Europe in RegTech and CapTech, providing scalable SaaS solutions to over 180 global clients in the capital markets sector. Our flagship product, Capmatix, automates document creation, workflow, and financial engineering, serving banks and asset managers.

High-Volume and Multilingual Capabilities

Capmatix, LPA´s flagship product, handles over 800,000 PRIIPs calculations daily in 25 languages, providing the scalability and versatility you need to meet complex regulatory requirements with ease.

Secure, Scalable, and Customizable

Capmatix´s modular design is secure and highly customizable, allowing you to tailor it to your specific needs. This flexibility and scalability make it the ideal choice for banks seeking reliability and growth potential.

Constant Innovation

Despite decades of experience, LPA remains a dynamic and innovative FinTech, always ahead of the curve. Our solutions reflect the latest industry trends, ensuring you have the most advanced tools.

25 Years of Proven Expertise

LPA has a proven track record with 180 banks globally, offering 25 years of unparalleled expertise in structured retail products and the issuance process. Choose a partner that has consistently delivered success.

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Document and workflow automation

Go-live with a SaaS solution and start producing market standard reports and documents.

Any type of product as input
Other Interface

Front Office Tools
Databases CRMs

Capmatix User Interface

Data can be imported in any required format

Data Management
Data Check & Monitoring

Central repository for economic values & (regulatory) meta-data Permissions, versioning & tracebility Automation of processes Reporting


Static and dynamic (shared) content like text-elements, values, figures, calculations or graphs Layout & structure of templates Definition of structure of products, Approval process, transitions, permissions & shared content

Any type of product as output
Other Interface

Front Office Tools
Databases CRMs

Other Interface

Front Office Tools
Databases CRMs

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Managed Services

CAPMATIX - part of a holistic solution

Structured products

Automation of the output process for KIDs, brochures, term sheets, certificates and more for customers and authorities.

PRIIP KIDs Issuance Automation Brochures & prospects Final Terms Term Sheets Interactive, Websites & in App Docs
OTC Suite

Advanced trading technology, comprehensive product coverage and market expertise from the pre-trade to the post-trade phase.

Interactive, Websites & in App Docs Trading Post-Trade Costs & CHarges Term Sheets PRIIP KIDS Digital Consulting
Asset Management

Automation of European and local regulatory reports through software or managed services.


Enter a New Era of Growth and Compliance with Capmatix

The Simplest Way to Expand Your Structured Retail Product Business.

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Capmatix: Experience a seamless way to manage complex processes and regulations without sacrificing flexibility.

Discover Capmatix by Lucht Probst Associates (LPA), the innovative SaaS platform that revolutionizes structured retail product issuance. Capmatix combines simplicity and standardization with regulatory compliance, offering a robust framework for your banking operations. Say goodbye to complexity—Capmatix lets you meet predefined regulatory requirements while tailoring workflows and documents to your bank's unique needs.

Join the ranks of forward-thinking banks that have already embraced Capmatix. Discover how our innovative approach can transform your structured retail product issuance, offering the simplicity you need with the customizability you desire. Capmatix: where compliance meets adaptability, and growth is just a few clicks away.

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