Smart Debt Management Solutions

Our Verifino suite consists of three modern web applications that you can use independently of each other or via integrated interfaces together with your clients. Benefit from automated, lean processes and ensure a unique customer experience regarding their debt and derivative portfolio.


Verifino for Banks

Portfolio analysis tool for identifying individualized options for risk mitigation

Verifino for banks is suitable for you as a bank or savings bank and digitizes your debt management counselling, from analysis to the customer meeting. Using our tool, you can not only generate new business approaches but also strengthen customer loyalty.

Verifino is the perfect tool for identifying interest rate risks, developing hedging strategies and presenting these to the customer at the touch of a button. It helps above all with the development of macro hedges for small-scale lending business, but also with the combination of various interest hedging solutions for large-volume loans. Fixed-interest expirations, individual loans that are not fully hedged in terms of volume or term and loan portfolios are analyzed using simulations and key figures.


The advantages of Verifino for banks

  • Streamlined processes save time and costs
  • Holistic insight into your clients’ overall portfolio make you an expert
  • New sales approaches increase revenues
  • Opportunities for regular customer dialog strengthen your customer loyalty
  • New product offer in your corporate colors differentiate you from competitors
  • State-of-the art technology and the latest UI/UX design make you a pioneer

Verifino for end clients

Web application for debt and interest rate risk management

Verifino for end clients is suitable for municipalities, small to mid-sized corporates, housing associations and other entities that manage a loan, investment or derivative portfolio.

Using our end client portal, your customers benefit from a tool that enables them to manage and control their portfolio independently. Administrative functions like interfaces in their internal booking systems, individual reports and statistical evaluations support them. Of course, the data is completely compatible and can – if permitted by the user – be imported into the Verifino bank application. Digital collaboration between the bank and the customer not only strengthens customer loyalty, but also allows advisory and product needs to be recognized ahead of time.


The benefits of Verifino for end clients

  • Expanded product offer
  • Strengthened customer relationship
  • Unique customer experience
  • Connected system landscape
  • Fast data import possible
  • Basis for regular customer contact
  • Regular licence income

Verifino Platform

Marketplace for the digital and audit-proof implementation of the loan tendering process

The Verifino platform connects you as a bank directly with end users who place their financing requirements online onto the credit platform. You can also formulate offers and easily get in touch with other liquidity-seeking participants besides your existing customers. At the touch of a button, loans from the bank or end client portal are transferred to or from the platform. The numerous analysis options can therefore be ideally integrated into the tendering process.


The benefits of Verifino Platform

  • Digital tender receipt
  • Extended investment range
  • Greater product variety
  • Streamlined processes
  • Audit-proof documentation
  • Reduced error ressources

Tech Highlights

  • Web-based, tablet-compatible
  • State-of-the art technology and the latest UI/UX design make you a pioneer
  • Strong financial calculation core for super-fast results
  • Share your portfolio view with your client
  • Individual PPT presentation incl. comprehensive tables at a click

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