Modelity Marketplace

The Modelity Marketplace enables banks to exponentially diversify their product offering and break into untapped market segments.

Our technology enables financial institutes to offer an infinite variety of bespoke financial products to clients in all segments, including retail categorized clients.


What we do?

We provide an infinite variety of bespoke, click-to-trade financial products to clients, in all segments, including retail clients with a product size as low as USD 5,000.

Modelity Marketplace is the only platform that provides a fully digitalized solution that enables buy-side organizations such as retail banks to truly issue their own products and hedge with third party banks.

Through innovative technology we are able to dramatically lower the costs associated with a trade on both the sell side and the buy side. This competitive edge is achieved by full automation of all intra-bank current processes to streamline the creation of financial products.

This in turn allows you to provide your clients, in all segments, with real-time access to a variety of products tailored to what is right for them, in the amount that is right for them.

How we do it?

By leveraging the operational system of an award-winning technology we are able to dramatically cut costs which in turn translates into a much more efficient product issuing process.

Modelity Marketplace offers a full suite of pre- and post-trade solutions for buy-side institutes including:

Unbiased/multi-issuer RFQ engine

Suite of analytics, training and sales tools

Full lifecycle management and event monitoring

Best-in-class documentation capabilities supporting both pre- and post-trade requirements

Full integration into the core system providing seamless and automated execution of products


Why we do it

Buy Side

  • Competitive position vs. other banks’ offerings
  • Position the bank as a leader and innovator
  • Provision of bespoke solutions to clients’ needs
  • Cheap source of reserve (deposit wrappers)
  • Exponential growth of client base

Sell Side

  • Considerably lower costs – better terms for clients
  • A product that is right for the client
  • Provision of access to investments that were previously inaccessible
marketplace marketplace

Automation of the full issuing processes is more than just another feature;
it establishes a completely new market

Target market


  • Retail banks that wish to extend, diversify & personalize their product offering
  • Retail banks that wish to become product issuers themselves
  • Private banks

Structured products distributors

  • Product arrangers
  • Wholesale & retail platforms
  • Family offices, Asset Managers
  • Independent Financial Advisors (IFAs)


Any of the above that do not currently have a structured product business

Cutting-Edge Technology

  • State-of-the art technology and modern design
  • Web-based easily deployable
  • Interfaces to wide range of core banking systems
  • Award-winning analytics capabilities
  • Full suite of value-added services

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