LPA CSDR Management Tool

Process efficiency and compliance throughout the entire CSDR settlement discipline process

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The CSDR settlement discipline includes extensive requirements for making the settlement process more secure and efficient. This leads to the challenging creation of different reports and documents that are needed along the CSDR settlement discipline workflow.

The creation, management and distribution of the reports or relevant documents require very high development and maintenance cost as well as a complex collection of data from internal and external systems.

Enabling an automated and efficient process along the entire CSDR settlement discipline workflow

The LPA CSDR Management Tool enables the client to create, manage and distribute CSDR settlement discipline relevant reports and documents automatically within one tool. To consolidate all necessary information the tool includes the connection to market data providers, CSDs, Custodians or other external parties.

step 1
Report with CSDR relevant unsettled transactions
step 2
Forecast cash penalties
step 3
Cash penalty overview
step 4
step 5
step 6
Buy-in Overview & Notification
step 7
Buy-in Initiation
step 8
Buy-in results & claiming
step 9
Instruction management

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Automated generation and distribution of reports and relevant documents

Reduction of manual effort and possible mistakes; long-term cost reduction

Buying the LPA solution is more cost efficient than own development and maintenance

Excellent usability due to access to all CSDR relevant data through one dashboard

The client can configure the tool to their specific business requirements

Archiving and documentation meet current audit requirements

We offer this tool for the following three different client groups

Investment Management Company

For each of the three client groups the LPA CSDR Management Tool offers:

Connection to CSDs / custodians to receive transaction/ settlement data as well as information on cash penalties

Connection to external market data providers to receive necessary master data like CSDR relevance on ISIN level, extension period or penalty rate

Connection with external parties like asset managers, clients or counterparties

Internal dashboard overview of all relevant data and information

Distribution of documents in different formats possible e.g. SWIFT or mail with csv attachment

Document generation and distribution is fully automated and can be configured


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