AI-driven solutions for Asset- & Risk Management


Pioneering solutions for the financial service industry

AAAccell (pronounced ‘Excel’) is a leader in providing innovative solutions using AI/Machine Learning, Bigdata and Cloud Computation. Our solutions are embedded and delivered through modern and flexible IT technology. Our API's deliver in milli seconds large numbers of results, globally.

AAAccell is a high-tech company in the Asset- and Risk Management, developing pioneering solutions for the financial service industry and is a spin-off company from the University of Zurich.


Part of the LPA Group

In 2019, AAAccell joined the leading European provider of captech solutions, LPA Group. Together with our new partner, we can offer broader services and solutions in a much larger global footprint.

Financial Hub

Headquarters in Zürich - Zürich is one of the world’s main financial hubs. Being not only the academic capital of Switzerland, Zürich is also home to many international renowned corporations, banks, asset managers and insurance companies.

Our Solutions

Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning

We have developed a suite of applications for asset- and risk management, fund management, real estate and FX solutions but also address regulatory as well as compliance issues such as FIDLEG/FINIG and PRIPPs.

Our solutions support banks and insurance, asset managers and pension funds, as well as asset platforms to generate additional revenues, lower costs and getting towards a 24/7 service, fully digital.


Fundastic improves performance and customer satisfaction

Fundastic can be used to improve an existing ETF or Fund universe. Fundastic runs billions of simulations per batch to identify which funds overperform or underperform and can select better investments.

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REVOLA, an AI-based Portfolio Risk Engine

The multi-award winning REVOLA, includes fast, precise and accurate risk information as well as an optimizer to receive ideas and recommendations to improve returns whilst substantially reducing the risks. It includes several other features such as model portfolio management, risk alerts, and more.

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Real Estate Radar for better property management

With over 20,000 financial market-, economic-, and real estate factors, RER is an AI-based portfolio tool to better manage and optimize real estate portfolios.

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PRIIPs solution improving regulatory risk/return disclosure

Following PRIIPs regulation, illiquid funds typically receive a high overall risk category (6 on a 1 – 7 scale). Our AI tool is, in many cases able to reduce the risk category in a totally compliant way.

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  • 20+awards and recognitionsin Switzerland and across the globe for our innovations, products and services.
  • 20+clientsfinancial institutions, banks, insurances, pension funds, asset managers and platforms.

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