Trading Agreements

Paperless enablement and transaction transparency

The trading agreements process requires extensive collaboration from Sales teams, Relationship Managers, and Legal departments, as well as further middle office stakeholders. Lack of transparency, manual clause amending and inefficient communication lead to slow time-to-execution and delayed trading for your clients. A streamlined process enabled by automated document generation, project overviews, and contract review and negotiation features result in faster of trading agreements.

For this, Contract Navigator provides a unique software solution that uses AI to digitalize your manual processes and optimize your workflows.

Contract Navigator does this by:

  • Providing one integrated trading agreements platform for use across multiple departments.
  • Digitizing key loan agreement documents and performing data extraction in a matter of minutes.
  • Digitally extracting and comparing key clauses against preferred clauses or bank policy.
  • Automating the extraction of covenants from an agreement, which are then calendarized and send notifications for oversight.

Contract Navigator supports you with industry standard templates, country specific templates, and bank templates including ISDA, CSA, GMRA, GMSLA, and umbrella agreements for new agreements, amended agreements and new regulations.

Digitize agreements

Use AI to digitize all new and existing agreements and build a single searchable source of truth – one contract database for all your trading agreements.

Repapering automation

Maintain an oversight when hundreds of agreements need to be changed. Automate, audit and control your entire repapering process.

Negotiate new agreements

Use a questionnaire to help draft new contracts, compare client clauses during negotiation by using your own clause library, ensure of compliance with your company policy and find the most suitable clause for your trading agreement.


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