Trading Agreements

Paperless enablement and transaction transparency

Trading agreements at a glance


Derivatives agreements such as ISDA, CSA, DRV and various other securities agreements are standardized businesses with high volumes and automation offer most efficiency gains. We provide a 100% straight-through-process (STP) for the contract life cycle, mitigating the high operational risk that occurs within 95% manual contract life cycles.

Advanced reporting capabilities, versioning, negotiation platform and electronic signatures are some of the areas where Contract Navigator offers a solution that improves daily business.

Digitize agreements

Use AI to digitize all new and existing agreements and build a single searchable source of truth – one contract database for all your trading agreements.

Repapering automation

Maintain an oversight when hundreds of agreements need to be changed. Automate, audit and control your entire repapering process.

Negotiate new agreements

Use a questionnaire to help draft new contracts, compare client clauses during negotiation by using your own clause library, ensure of compliance with your company policy and find the most suitable clause for your trading agreement.


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