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A suite of strategies always at your fingertips

Making the most of your client portfolio requires a high degree of precision, alongside a deep understanding of prevailing complexities in the markets. Through LPA OTC Suite, you can leverage the combination of an advanced trading technology, extensive product coverage and market expertise to turn your ideas into efficient strategies.

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Our mission

LPA OTC Suite is designed to make the most of your client portfolio. Combining advanced trading technology, comprehensive product coverage and market expertise, our intelligent platforms helps you to optimise your revenues while mitigating the manual effort of your sales teams.


What We Offer

Through, LPA OTC Suite you have access to market liquidity for an extensive range of fixed income, foreign exchange and money market products. Whenever you want to trade FI, FX and MM products, LPA OTC Suite connects you to a wealth of differentiated content, sales presentations, marketing material, risk calculations and market insights from across global trading floors to help develop, refine and present your trade ideas.

Your Benefits

While improving your time to execution, LPA OTC Suite helps to mitigate regulatory and legal risks with a highly automatized approach. The platform’s framework is designed to eliminate redundancies, improve data quality and significantly reduce manual effort. Following your trading activities, we offer various post trade reporting services as well as a range of STP solutions to your in-house risk systems. Additional functionalities allow for customisation and thus, provide you with a unique new holistic solution in line with your goals.

Ten reasons to work with LPA OTC Suite

  1. We offer more than 250 intuitive products in FI, FX and MM covering typical client situations
  2. Our solution provides marketing and sales documents compliant with current regulations
  3. Indicative market prices for all FI, FX and MM products
  4. Embedded option to determine all necessary cost components (e.g. xvA) in the offer pricing
  5. Integrated RfQ platform to ease the sales and trading process
  6. Interface to the leading MTF
  7. Comprehensive back-office module to administrate and monitor all executed trades
  8. Regulatory-compliant processes (e.g. MiFID and MiFIR)
  9. Our solutions provide all documents required (suitability report, KIDs and cost transparency)
  10. Customized interfaces and modules on request
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Our CTS suite at a glance

Combining strengths of advanced trading technology, extensive product coverage and market expertise to create a unique CTS platform, turning your ideas into efficient strategies and boosting your revenue

Tech Highlights

  • Clear and logical information architecture
  • Highly configurable solution
  • Interfaces to wide range of core banking systems
  • Immediately deployable
  • 500+Sales & RMs connected to LPA OTC Suite via web interface
  • 100+FX, FI & MM products
  • 25+Clients across Europe and Asia
  • 20+Years of experience in capital markets advisory and software
  • 1Single purpose: increasing our clients' revenues in FX, FI & MM

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