Professional Services

Guaranteeing User Satisfaction


Software quality and ease of implementation are fundamental to our philosophy and we place paramount importance on ensuring delivery excellence.

Our clients are required to focus their staff and resources on meeting the demands of their daily operations. We have engineered our implementation process so that our clients receive maximum assurance that they can comfortably rely on our expertise and qualified teams to undertake the complete implementation of our software solution through a highly structured and accelerated process.

We cherish long-term relationships with our clients and highly value their end-user satisfaction. Throughout every part of our journey together, we devote the whole attention of our delivery and account management teams to ensuring our clients’ success.



Agile and continuous delivery

Our reputation is built on our ability to enable our clients to be live within their planned timelines. We leverage our highly experienced Client Services Delivery team and our unique approach to implementations to ensure that our clients gain value from our software as early as possible. Many of our clients are on the road to transforming not only their legacy applications but also their own internal project delivery framework. LPA was an early participator in adapting our engineering organization to a CICD process and our complete workforce to working within agile delivery teams. Everyone in our Client Services Delivery team is trained in delivering projects on an agile basis. Our clients benefit greatly from our dedication to continual improvement and a highly flexible delivery approach.


Best practice standardization

Our clients are looking to transform their custom processes wherever possible to comply with industry standard best practice.

After overseeing hundreds of implementations of our software, we have formulated a market-leading best-practice configuration and related processes for our clients to leverage at their convenience. We fully appreciate that a balance is required between adopting our best-practice configuration and the uniqueness of your integration topology. Therefore, as a standard element in our initial engagement process, we assess during our discovery phase how we can best complement our standardized ready-to-deploy environment with your specific integration needs.


Early user engagement

Our implementation methodology greatly rewards early and active end-user involvement. We have designed our entire approach to ensure that our clients can gain hands-on experience with their solution as early as possible in the delivery process. We provide our clients with a number of delivery packs throughout the implementation. Each delivery pack contains significant configuration based on your defined scope. We train your end users so that early acceptance tests can be carried out as soon as possible in the implementation process. This allows our clients to shorten the overall implementation timelines so they can learn and use the software and switch off their expensive legacy application earlier than planned.

Implementation accelerators

Bringing the timeline forward

In the areas of regulation, operations and documentation, software implementation vendors continually fail to implement their software solutions on time and on budget unless they provide an acceleration platform for their clients to leverage.

We are fully dedicated to investing our research and development spend in advancing out-of-the-box functionality for our clients so that they can reduce their time to market and continue the transformation of their legacy architecture.

Getting there quicker with Xpedite

Xpedite is our home-grown solution based upon our twenty years of implementing our software for our clients. It is a fully configured database with processes covering all of our use case scenarios. The configuration includes but not limited to:

Best-practice workflows

Out-of-the-box ISDA confirmations

S.W.I.F.T. messaging


Regulatory documents including PRIIPS

Batch processing

Setting our clients up for success

Our goal is to considerably reduce the number of unknowns that can potentially occur during an implementation. We therefore furnish each client project engagement not only with our Xpedite solution but also with fully developed tools and loaders to ensure that there is no re-invention.

LPA believes true innovation comes from the real-life solutions we develop for our clients’ most critical regulatory and operational challenges. By harvesting these experiences from the field and by industrializing those solutions for rapid deployment, we are able to provide repeatable, reusable and proven components to quickly deploy solutions within every new project engagement.

These project accelerators provide benefits to our clients across all of our major software use cases by taking lessons learned, perfecting the accelerators as needs change and then utilizing them again and again to meet the needs of every client’s changing IT environment.

Our services

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Added value implementation experience

Our LPA Assured Implementation Program is our phase-one implementation program designed to take you from your licensing of our software through successful implementation, without missing any critical steps along the way. Our most comprehensive program gets you through planning, design, migration, installation, training, and “go-live” processes. Using our highly qualified Client Delivery teams, our approach is specifically designed to accelerate your software implementation and reduce your ramp-up time.

By combining our extensive background in business consulting with software implementation and a custom-designed knowledge transfer curriculum, we effectively minimize time to market, which helps you achieve a faster return on investment.


A goal-oriented approach

Upon completion of our discovery phase, our clients have maximum transparency and assurance regarding the following:

  • A clear implementation plan
  • A timeline with goal-based milestones and efficiency goals
  • Our Xpedite solution to support the implementation plan
  • Training delivered to key users
  • A fully committed and dedicated LPA Client Delivery Team

With our approach, our clients can rest assured that they are following a comprehensive process to drive results, which has enabled multiple previous successful go-lives.


Cost optimized managed services

Long-term relationships only come from providing clients with long-term value. Not only do we provide our solutions as Software as a Service (SaaS) on client request, we also provide the full chain of delivery services throughout the software lifecycle.

We are experts at providing long-term managed services to our clients so they do not have to worry about supporting the application if they wish to focus all their attention on their core activities and operations. All of our services are provided on a KPI governed basis, fully implemented with best-practice SLAs and key named personnel:

  • Upgrades
  • Testing
  • Production support
  • Health checks
  • Implementations
  • Scope extensions
  • IT operations

Delivering knowledge transfer

For those of our clients who wish to manage their own implementations and our software, we are committed to transferring the knowledge of our solutions early and with utmost care and attention.

The knowledge transfer cycle guarantees maximum acceptance and adoption of our software solution. This occurs at different stages throughout the engagement lifecycle such as early pack testing, SIT, UAT and production support.

We know that unless knowledge is transferred well it can affect the ability of our clients to gain maximum value from our application.

We therefore work tirelessly with our clients to produce a continual knowledge transfer process for them. By analyzing our clients’ knowledge transfer requirements, we can design and implement a program of continual training and documentation and install an added-value service to ensure that our clients quickly understand in detail how our software solutions integrate in their own environments.