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Risk, Compliance and Regulatory Reporting

Expert development and innovation

We review, interpretate and implement regulatory requirements with a lean and efficient approach. We prepare the asset and wealth management industry to respond to growing capital, leverage, liquidity, and funding requirements, as well as soar risk reporting standards.

Read our latest article on FINMA transparency obligations on climate risks in 2023.




Balance sheet optimization

By combining risk, finance, and strategy expertise, we support risk management teams to align with stakeholders to optimize balance sheets and increase key ratios while complying to regulatory constraints.


Risk methodology and modelling

We have extensive experience in designing comprehensive and holistic risk assessment and mitigation methodologies. Paired with in-depth knowledge of financial and quantitative methods, our team is fully equipped to support you with managing a diverse range of risks, including but not limited to credit, market, and liquidity risk.


Risk digitization

Digital transformation of risk management has become of critical importance in designing a sustainable business model. Our experts can help make significant savings and increase efficiency by digitizing risk decisions.


Finance and risk analytics

We support with capitalizing information assets and proactively managing risk by implementing complex insights with the use of advanced analytics and digital technologies.


ESG risk

We take a comprehensive approach to integrating environmental and social governance (ESG) into risk management frameworks and defining meaningful performance measurements for sustainability.



We have ample experience in valuation frameworks and model validation processes.



Development of risk engines such as modeling derivatives, FX risk and market risk, including core engines for Lombard loan portfolios


Christian Behm

Christian Behm

Partner, Germany

Sandro Schmid

Sandro Schmid

Partner, Switzerland


Software and advisory solutions for financial services.


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