PRIIPs new RTS and its consequences for illiquid AIF funds

March 16th 2021, 11:30am (CET)

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Now we are in the ‘hot’ phase of the PRIIPs regulation coming into force (2022) it is critical that asset managers face the deadline and prepare to comply with the new requirements.

Many thought that the regulation would not progress, therefore many have not fully started preparations. But now we are in the final stages of the regulation coming into force, asset managers must take action. Fund managers run the risk of sales problems if their calculations do not use the latest methods.

Why you should dive deep into the details of this webinar?

We have the advice and solution for this and the webinar can explain this outline the next steps. Furthermore, we can present a proven, scientific solution to help avoid the given risk categorisation for illiquid assets such a real estate. Using our proxy model, asset managers will be able to calculate the true and real risk category indicator for illiquid (real estate) investments and hence may avoid the high risk categorization.


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Missed the webinar?

We have it stored for you!