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TEN Very Telling Questions that May Help You Find a True Digital Transformation Partner

To digitally transform, or not to digitally transform… is no longer the question. The more noble questions are not the why and when, but the; how, where and with whom.

SFDR: Fund Managers must be ready for new regulations by March 10 2021. Will you be compliant?

LPA RegTech division - acarda upgrades its reporting platform covering SFDR requirements including; scoring, classification and publication.

Automating Legal Document Workflows from Generation to Completion

Digital transformation in banking and capital markets transactions is increasingly extending to legal documentation. An area seen by some, probably unfairly, as one of the last bastions resisting the onset of workflow automation. However, to the wise, complex transactions potentially involving many separate internal functions and external parties cannot continue to be manually processed.

How much to hedge and when? HedgePilot - an AI-Based FX-Hedging Tool

Global financial markets are flooded with information, opinions and advice on the expected development of currency rates. Those responsible for managing FX exposures suffer from the headache that nobody can predict exchange rate movements dependably in the long-term. Consequently, FX hedging decisions frequently remain based on guesswork. This comes at the cost of forgone participation and unnecessary exposure to currency risk. What if there is a way to deal with the uncertainty of FX markets systematically and safely?

Capital Markets Digital Transformation - Stepping Up the Pace

Digital transformation in Banking and Capital Markets has been a ‘thing’ now for quite some years. This article outlines a practical approach for the sector to accelerate that transformation.

The emergence of a new model of collaboration between banks and technology providers

The emergence of a new model of collaboration between banks and technology providers

Geistesblitz 07/19

USD interest optimization “Cancellable Double-Swap”. Geistesblitz the German for Brainstorm

Geistesblitz 05/19

Shout Forward. Geistesblitz the German for Brainstorm from the CapTech creators

The new European overnight rate

A complicated transition of the new European Overnight rate. LPAPerspectives

Geistesblitz 03/19

USD interest hedge with “CombiSwap” Geistesblitz the German for Brainstorm

Benchmark reform: the way into a new interest world

Benchmark reform into a new interest world. LPA Advisory and Consulting

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