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Geistesblitz 20/06

Temporary liquidity relief in the Corona crisis using a Step-Up Swap

Geistesblitz 20/06 DE

Temporäre Liquiditätsentlastung in der Corona-Krise durch einen Zinsstufen-Swap

Geistesblitz 20/03 DE

Termingeschäft mit bedingter Kursverbesserung

Geistesblitz 20/03

Step-Up Forward

Interest optimisation of a KfW promotional loan

For some time now, the continuing low interest rate environment in the eurozone has been drawing market participants’ attention to longer maturities of 10 years and beyond. In this context, KfW’s more favourable (re-)financing options are often integrated into a comprehensive, tailor-made offer by the intermediary bank.

Geistesblitz 09/19

Forward-Swap with flexible notional: “Flexi-Swap”

Geistesblitz 07/19

USD interest optimization “Cancellable Double-Swap”

Geistesblitz 05/19

Shout Forward

Geistesblitz 03/19

USD interest hedge with “CombiSwap”

Geistesblitz 02/19

5-year hedge of a maximum interest rate using the “interest cap with contingent premium”

Geistesblitz 01/19

3-year average rate hedge using a ‘multi-EUR-GBP hedge with limited minimum rate’

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