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FCA makes version changes to AIFMD Annex IV reports

Following the UK's withdrawal from the EU, the FCA makes changes to the AIFMD Annex IV reports and published a new AIFMD report version 2 which will be effective to all reports with reporting period end 30 June 2022 and later.

Regulators heavy controls on the AIFMD Annex IV reports, what should asset managers do?

The French regulator AMF plans to apply most ever tight controls on the AIFMD Annex IV reports. Based on a consultation paper from the AMF in January 2022, the regulator plans to reinforce the controls of the completeness and consistency of the Annex IV reports. 12 reporting fields that were previously optional will be mandatory; 19 additional consistency checks will be applied by the regulator automatically. Unqualified reports will be rejected by the regulator directly. As a consequence of the consultation, AIFMs reporting to AMF will have to pay special attention to their reporting content and ensure that they are compliant to the new requirements outlined by the AMF. The new requirements from the French regulator will fully enter into force from 1st July onwards.

Product release news – European ESG template (EET) v1.0

On March 14th, FinDatEx published the official EET Version 1.0.

LPA Voted Best RegTech at SRP 2022 Conference

Frankfurt am Main & London, 31 March 2022 – LPA, the capital market technology and advisory firm, is delighted to have won the award for best RegTech provider at the 2022 Structured Retail Products European annual conference.

UCITS/PRIIPs Distribution It’s Going to be a Nightmare

The FCA has completely buried the initial one-system objective with the formation of a UK version for PRIIP KIDs. Manufacturers of UCITS and PRIIPs that distribute their products to the EU and the UK will need to deal with three separate systems, an EU PRIIP KIDs for all PRIIPs distributed in the EU, a UCITS KIIDs for UCITS distributed in the UK and another UK PRIIP KIDs for PRIIPs (other than UCITS) distributed in the UK. Distributors will need to be very cautious about providing the right document for each combination of products and potential clients. The KI(I)Ds future turned uneven and complicated. The rest of 2022 is going to be very challenging for manufacturers and distributors as they now need to update their systems and disclosures to support the new regulatory amendments, and distributors need to train their personnel on the changes.

FinDatEx has published the EMT version 4 (MIFID II)

FinDatEx has published the EMT version 4 (MIFID II)

EU platform for sustainable finance published the final report on social taxonomy

The EU platform for sustainable finance has published the final report on social taxonomy. The report proposed a structure for a social taxonomy within the current EU legislative environment

Solvency II TPT : FinDatEx releases version 6

The FinDatEx released January 10th an updated version of Tripartite Template (TPT) used by asset managers to ensure compliance with the current Solvency II regulation.

acarda becomes “Capmatix Regulations” following integration into the LPA Group product portfolio

acarda becomes “Capmatix Regulations” following integration into the LPA Group product portfolio

SFDR: Level 2 implementation postponed to 1 January 2023

As expected, the EU Commission recently announced that the regulatory technical standards (RTS) for the SFDR will not come into force until 1 January 2023. This gives asset managers a bit more time to provide sustainability disclosures in sales prospectuses, annual reports and on websites in line with the regulation.

Solvency II TPT: Working group plans to release version 6

The FinDatEx TPT Working Group recently decided to release a revised 6th version of the Solvency II Tripartite Template. This fixes some mistakes and unclarity of version 5 and adds additional guidance for certain derivatives.

FinSA - Investor Protection Beyond regulatory requirements of suitability and appropriateness

Increasing product comparability and transparency requirements for end clients have been one of the key topics under recently revised investor protection regulations.