The new European overnight rate

The new European overnight rate

Guest contribution for PRMIAs “Intelligent Risk”

Since the aftermath of the GFC and the revelation of LIBOR manipulations, regulators are undertaking a fundamental review of the most important benchmarks and develop reform plans accordingly. In our latest article we look at the various challenges of the transition from Eonia to €STR. With the conversion of the reference interest rates, there is a need for action by every financial market participant. The expected transition from EONIA to ESTER at the beginning of October 2019 will stress the entire process chain. The challenges for the entire banking industry are substantial and intertwined. Action should start as soon as possible to cope with the major challenges. Read the full aricle here:


CapTech Group

LPA joins SSPA as partner

The Swiss Structured Products Association (SSPA) welcomes LPA as a new partner member.

EffCom AG merges with the LPA Group

EffCom, the specialist for process automation, document management and securities solutions joins LPA.

LPA adds RegTech market leader Acarda to group

Acarda, the Regtech asset management specialist for integrated, regulatory and automated data management and reporting solutions joins LPA Group

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