Lucht Probst Associates continuous to implement its growth strategy – Acquisition of Danish company Capital Market Partners (CMP) for Scandinavian business

Lucht Probst Associates continuous to implement its growth strategy – Acquisition of Danish company Capital Market Partners (CMP) for Scandinavian business
Scandinavia is a pioneer in the application of digital services and solutions and a very technology-friendly society. It was therefore only logical for LPA to continue their growth path in the Nordics as well. The Scandinavian market is a driver of regulatory change and with the acquisition of CMP LPA is now perfectly positioned to meet local demand.

CMP, founded 10 years ago and now with 20 employees, is a well-known player in the capital markets field. An important focus of their successful business has always been in the technology sector as they have accompanied various major Capital Markets Technology Transformations throughout recent years.

For LPA, CMP is the perfect partner to develop and expand its business in Denmark and the Scandinavian region. Although LPA already has a strong client presence in the region, the acquisition of CMP opens new perspectives. In order to fully exploit the growth potential in Scandinavia, LPA needed an experienced local team. Together with the CMP team, LPA is now able to serve clients better than ever before.

The local presence in the Nordics is an important added value for LPA, but the CMP team is a great addition on different dimensions. With its expertise, its values, know-how, innovation and technology affinity CMP fits perfectly with LPA’s corporate philosophy. In addition, CMP works very complementarily on the customer side and brings several new customers into the LPA portfolio. They also have a strong presence in market areas where LPA is not active yet in the region, but that are of great interest for LPA – like Asset Management, Pension Funds and Insurance.

The team of CMP will continue to leverage their Capital Markets expertise to develop customer specific solutions and services. “With the global reach of LPA and their technology led innovations we are now in a great position to continue to transform the Danish and Nordics Capital Markets industry”, says Lars Christiansen, Founding Partner of CMP. The former shareholders Lars Christiansen and Christian Thygesen will remain in the company as part of the leadership team as well as the current and future Managing Partner Lotte Mollerup.

“For LPA, Scandinavia is and will be one of the key strategic regions. We are excited to have found a local partner in CMP that fits us perfectly – deep Capital Markets know-how combined with Technology Innovation. We are looking forward to working with the leadership team of CMP to continue to expand our footprint in Denmark and the Nordics overall “, says Stefan Lucht, founding partner at LPA.


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