CapTech identity: New brand identity for the LPA Group

CapTech identity: New brand identity for the LPA Group
So much more than a new website. Today, the completely revised homepage went live, marking the official launch of the new brand identity of the LPA Group. In terms of both its content and its visual impact, the homepage communicates the positioning and ambition of the Group, while at the same time sharpening the Group’s corporate identity. The LPA Group is positioning itself as a rapidly growing, global leader in CapTech. The aim can be expressed as: Be #1, be #ONE. This means not only being a global leader in CapTech, but also presenting ourselves as ONE company.

CapTech companies are technology companies that focus their offerings on participants in the capital markets industry, and achieve nothing less than transformational leaps for their customers, supported by technology and software. This requires high levels of expertise in technology, IT systems and IT engineering on the one hand, and a deep understanding and know-how in the highly complex and highly regulated world of capital markets on the other – embedded in a dynamic, innovation-oriented corporate culture and a global, agile organizational structure. LPA has been one of the pioneers and thought leaders in CapTech since 1999, and set its course for growth and internationalization in the twentieth year of the company’s history. The LPA Group has emerged within a year through organic growth, a number of strategic acquisitions, including Modelity, EffCom and AAAccell, and expansion in hotspots of the global banking and capital market industry such as Zurich, Singapore, London and Copenhagen/Scandinavia. The new brand identity includes an evolutionary logo and a realigned color and design world which reflects the brand attributes of the LPA Group: pure, vibrant, agile, successful and global.  “The new LPA website and the simultaneous launch of the new brand identity for the LPA Group are milestones for us as founders of the company and for all employees of the LPA Group,” said Stefan Lucht, co-founder and director of LPA. “In 2020, we will realign or merge the formerly independent identities of all the LPA companies to highlight the strengths of a dynamic, global and above all shared corporate culture. We believe in the power of a ONE Company approach. As the saying goes – The whole is more than the sum of the parts.”

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