SFDR: Fund Managers must be ready for new regulations by March 10 2021. Will you be compliant?

SFDR: Fund Managers must be ready for new regulations by March 10 2021. Will you be compliant?
LPA RegTech division - acarda upgrades its reporting platform covering SFDR requirements including; scoring, classification and publication.   

Level 1 of the SFDR Disclosure Regulations require all funds to define their ESG category and sustainable funds to publish their strategy, methodology and measurement methods on their website and in their pre-contractual documents. The EMT format has therefore been extended to include fields for SFDR classification and ESG labels. With an amended codification and 4 additional data fields, fund managers will be required to comply by 10 March 2021. This is part of the European MiFID Template (EMT) and is incorporated into the EMT3.1 version.   

The LPA consulting team are already active with many clients in this respect. Additionally acarda, the RegTech specialist of the LPA Group provides the new EMT 3.1 format in parallel to the current EMT 3.0 format. With the PRIIPs/MiFID reporting module on the acarda platform, fund managers can now add the additional data directly or import them via a CSV file.   

Furthermore, acarda now also offers within its own SFDR module: Scoring of your portfolios and classification according to Articles 6, 8 or 9 of the SFDR guideline, as well the production of disclosure and website texts according to Level 1; from 01.01.2022 according to Level 2.   

To learn more click here to connect with our acarda reporting team, or for more general consulting advice, please connect with our lead advisor, Hans Joachim Lefeld (HansJoachim.Lefeld@L-P-A.com).

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June 2020 Amended PRIIPs RTS: Performance Scenarios for Autocallables

In a previous article, we described the changes in the draft amended PRIIPs RTS applicable for structured products. The amended RTS proposal was finally approved by EIOPA’s board and now it is up to the Commission to determine the next step and whether this RTS becomes active by the end of this year.

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EIOPA confirms new PRIIPs RTS. What to pay attention to now

Following the adoption of the revised RTS (Regulatory Technical Standards) for PRIIPs by ESMA and EBA, they have now also been endorsed by EIOPA. As a result, new PRIIPs KIDs with revised performance and transaction cost calculation methods are expected to arrive on January 1, 2022. acarda fully supports the calculation methods and can also prepare the new PRIIPs KIDs together with the SFDR documents that are also required. Contact us if you need more information.

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