LPA partners with Globalance to deliver enhanced ESG reporting

LPA partners with Globalance to deliver enhanced ESG reporting
Frankfurt am Main & London, 15 February 2022
LPA, the capital markets technology and advisory firm, today announced that it has enhanced its ESG reporting services through a partnership with Globalance, a global pioneer in the field of sustainability. The partnership will see LPA gain access to investment insight platform Globalance World. 

Coined the “Google Earth for Investors”, Globalance World gives investors and other stakeholders free access to analyse and assess the future orientation and sustainability of over 6,000 listed companies and selected stock indices related to ESG, climate change and megatrends. Globalance World is the first interactive tool of its kind, visualising ESG in a dynamic, transparent and interactive way.
Despite the postponement of standardised EU ESG reporting (SFDR Level 2) to July 1, 2022, demand for ESG funds is high, especially in the aftermath of COP26 in Glasgow. Firms who distribute corresponding products need to align their ESG fact sheets with the SFDR standard at an early stage.  
LPA’s Capmatix Regulations is a leading all-in-one platform for compliance and regulatory reporting in the investment management industry which helps integrate and verify numerous data structures and automates firms’ reporting processes. LPA’s Capmatix Regulations dashboard ensures complete transparency and the highest degree of automation, enabling efficient creation of almost all current reporting formats in the EU and UK. The integration of Globalance World will offer clients an enriched reporting format and help them extend their market position beyond sustainability compliance.    
Stefan Lucht, Founder and Managing Partner at LPA commented: “Never before has enhanced ESG reporting been more critical, particular as the path forward has been laid by COP26. LPA integrating Globalance World into our regulatory reporting software was a natural and obvious next step. Our banking and asset management clients are increasingly asking for deeper and more meaningful ESG insights, in order to properly market sustainable investments. Together with Globalance World, we are very much looking forward to demonstrating the capabilities of this new data to our clients.”  
Reto Ringger, Founder & CEO of Globalance stated: We are seeing an increasing need among private and institutional investors for greater transparency on the impact of their investments through enhanced reporting solution. When it comes to investments, investors no longer seek only financial returns, but also positive change and a contribution to solving the challenges of our time. Through our partnership with LPA, we’re helping clients better understand the complex interrelationships of investments and their impact on the economy, society, and environment, which investors will see in our interactive reporting solution. We are excited about this partnership and look forward to providing clients with the reporting tools to achieve their sustainable investment goals.”
Christopher Garner

Chief Marketing Officer, LPA

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Regulators heavy controls on the AIFMD Annex IV reports, what should asset managers do?

The French regulator AMF plans to apply most ever tight controls on the AIFMD Annex IV reports. Based on a consultation paper from the AMF in January 2022, the regulator plans to reinforce the controls of the completeness and consistency of the Annex IV reports. 12 reporting fields that were previously optional will be mandatory; 19 additional consistency checks will be applied by the regulator automatically. Unqualified reports will be rejected by the regulator directly. As a consequence of the consultation, AIFMs reporting to AMF will have to pay special attention to their reporting content and ensure that they are compliant to the new requirements outlined by the AMF. The new requirements from the French regulator will fully enter into force from 1st July onwards.

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