LPA becomes sponsoring member of Zertifikate Forum Austria

LPA becomes sponsoring member of Zertifikate Forum Austria
The European leader in technology-based capital market solutions LPA, Lucht Probst Associates GmbH, headquartered in Frankfurt, becomes Zertifikate Forum Austria’s latest sponsoring member.

LPA has been operating for twenty years as one of the leading financial services providers focusing on technology-centric solutions and consulting for the capital market industry. The company provides innovative software solutions in tandem with sound capital market expertise in the areas of interest rate and currency management, regulation, risk management and new technologies. As the European market leader providing technology-based capital market solutions, LPA has a proven track record from its long-standing cooperation with international banks and financial institutions when it comes to improving customer experience, enhancing efficiency and rentability targeted at achieving particular business strategies.

Founded in 1999 by Stefan Lucht and Roland Probst and following the integration of three other companies, LPA currently employs around 400 people at nine international locations in Europe, the USA, Israel, and Singapore. LPA is growing rapidly and is a specialist for digital transformation processes of capital market participants, banks and insurers. LPA‘s expertise lies in a sound capital market knowledge combined with cutting-edge and efficient technology.

“LPA’s interest in the Austrian certificates market underpins the market‘s attractivity as well as the potential structured products in Austria possess “, says Frank Weingarts, Chairman of the Board of Zertifikate Forum Austria and stresses that “in Austria the per capita investment ratio into certificates is higher than for example in Germany. The number of investors who recognize the added value of certificates is continuously rising.“

“For several years now, we have been very successful in supporting customers on the Austrian certificates market in their digitalization and automation processes. We are therefore very pleased to become a sponsoring member of Zertifikate Forum Austria and look forward to the dialogue with the other members“, says Stefan Lucht, co-founder and managing partner at Lucht Probst Associates.

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ZFA was founded in 2006 by the leading Austrian certificates issuers to promote and develop the Austrian certificates market. The association provides information on certificates, advocates transparency and investor education and represents the regulatory interests of the certificates’ industry. Zertifikate Forum Austria is a member of EUSIPA, the European umbrella association which represents the interests of the industry at the European level.

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LPA helps Banks, asset managers and other finance institutions reduce their fixed cost base by automating and digitizing their client advisory and regulatory documentation processes, thereby increasing their efficiency, scalability and achieving full compliance. At its headquarters in Frankfurt and at ten other international locations including Tel Aviv, London, Zürich, New York, Paris, Barcelona and Singapore, over 400 technology and capital market experts are now working for a portfolio of international clients.

komuno and LPA create government subsidy portal for Rentenbank, the agency supporting Germany’s farmers and agribusinesses

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