FCA makes version changes to AIFMD Annex IV reports

FCA makes version changes to AIFMD Annex IV reports
The new version amends references in the AIF001 and AIF002 reports under the AIFMD Annex IV. Previous references to "the EU" or "the EEA" are replaced by "the UK" and "the ESMA" with "the FCA". The asset classification code list is changed accordingly, which implies changes in the existing data model and business logics in the IT system. More details of the version changes can be found in the FCA RegData reporting portal.   The version change from the UK affects asset managers submitting their Annex IV reports to the FCA. Before the UK version 2 changes, there is no major difference between the UK and the EU reporting requirements. Now asset managers who submit their reports to the UK and the EU will have to produce two report versions. Consider the short implementation timeline and several other regulatory deadlines in 2022, such as SFDR and PRIIPS version 2, automation of the AIFMD version 2 may be a challenge to the industry. We suggest the AIFMD report manufacturers to adopt the changes at an early stage to meet the regulatory timeline.
With LPA we help our clients to be compliant with the UK and EU reporting formats using country specific add-ons and configurations. With one sets of input data, our clients could produce country specific reports with different formats and content. Contact our experts who could advice and guide you through the reporting barriers.
Haojin Ba

Head of Regulatory and Compliance Management

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FCA makes version changes to AIFMD Annex IV reports

Following the UK's withdrawal from the EU, the FCA makes changes to the AIFMD Annex IV reports and published a new AIFMD report version 2 which will be effective to all reports with reporting period end 30 June 2022 and later.

Regulators heavy controls on the AIFMD Annex IV reports, what should asset managers do?

The French regulator AMF plans to apply most ever tight controls on the AIFMD Annex IV reports. Based on a consultation paper from the AMF in January 2022, the regulator plans to reinforce the controls of the completeness and consistency of the Annex IV reports. 12 reporting fields that were previously optional will be mandatory; 19 additional consistency checks will be applied by the regulator automatically. Unqualified reports will be rejected by the regulator directly. As a consequence of the consultation, AIFMs reporting to AMF will have to pay special attention to their reporting content and ensure that they are compliant to the new requirements outlined by the AMF. The new requirements from the French regulator will fully enter into force from 1st July onwards.

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