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Your one-stop-shop solution
for capital markets digitalization

LPADoc combines a Content Management System, a Product Information Management System and a Workflow Automation System to create a powerful solution to comply to regulatory requirements and to be ahead of the race to full digitalization in the financial industry.

Digitize Your

LPADoc speeds up your digital transformation process

We are providing powerful modules that are used as building blocks within your digital setup.
Our modules are highly configurable. So they fit seamlessly into your digital infrastructure.

LPADoc in a nutshell

LPAdoc in a nutshell

Areas of Use


Comprehesive Documents

Our solution generates any documents like Term Sheets, Brochures, Presentations, Final Terms, Confirmations etc.

Efficient, Approved, multi-language & centralized managed with our powerful “attributed fragments”-technology

Work Process


Automation of the issuance of securities by centralizing the data of structured products and supporting their life-cycle, generation of all documents and provisioning all internal and external interfaces.

Risk-compliant, efficient and fast


Product Information Database

Using LPADoc as the central product data storage for regulatory and business driven product data enables automation of regulatory requirements like MIFID2 PGP or distribution of regulatory data to internal and external destinations.

Risk-compliant and process optimizing


Digital Product Presentations

Innovative, comprehensive product communication to enhance the distribution of retail investment products and highly individual treasury & risk management solutions.

Increase quality in client interaction and advisory, and hence sales effectiveness


Digital Advisory Process & Robo Advisor

Standardized and regulatory compliant advisory process for the distribution of financial products to reduce the risk of human error and misinterpretation.

Strategy-, process and sales-optimizing, solution-oriented and cost-reducing



Our solution creates the complete set of individual client onboarding documents and supports the fast and correct onboarding process with interfaces to in- and external sources.

Time reducing, risk-compliant and customer-oriented



LPADoc can be used to assemble modular presentations and to flexibly adjust its structure to enhance the sales power within the sales-team.

Efficient, consistent and flexible


Presentation of mass analysis data

Automated generation of appealing slide decks visualising complex analysis data like portfolio scenario analysis based on Excel sheets or other data sources.

Efficient and tailored for recipient



Our solution creates the complete set of individual legal documents in one client-customized document and supports correctness.

Time reducing, risk-compliant and customer-oriented

LPADoc is paving the way
for your digital future



  • Centralize product data
  • Feed from a central location
  • Reduce n:n interfaces
  • Leverage on data relations
  • Reduce reconciliation efforts
  • Rely on common API definition
  • Minimize complexity
  • Refine your data at hand


  • Standardized document-templates, (horizontal and vertical consistency)
  • Dynamic, multi-lingual,
  • Compliant, audit-proofed,
  • Separation of content, structure, layout and calculations
  • MS Office based Designer Tools
  • Various output formats like pdf, docx, pptx, xlsx, email, xml, json, csv, html, jpeg, svg
  • Stable, scalable server-based
  • Multi-product presentations /
  • Rich features like charts, qr-codes, …


  • Leverage on central data
  • Deliver content right from the source
  • Provide enriched data to customers
  • Discover data relations centrally
  • Turn events into information shared
  • Go dataset to website with one click


  • Control your processes in a central place
  • Audit every step
  • Set up reports, distribute automatically
  • Span workflows across departments
  • Set up granual user rights, read & write
  • Spend less time reporting


  • Go dataset to document with a single click
  • A rich website is just another doc
  • ..and so is a video or advisory process
  • Set up a document only once
  • Provide individualized data internally
  • Store & produce from the same system
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