IBOR Transition Webinar - transforming legacy business to new benchmarks

#CapTalk: May 12th 2020, 3:00pm (CET)

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The Bank Of England and FCA have suggested that firms need to continue their preparations for the LIBOR transition at pace. The timeline for the moving away from LIBOR is drawing closer, so finding efficient and controlled ways to manage this process has become critical. The same urgency is also applicable for EURIBOR and other IBOR based reference rates.

LPA are experts within Capital Markets and are proud to have 150 of the world’s top banks as customers. With over twenty years’ experience in delivering solutions to meet with regulatory reform initiatives, we are committed to accelerating our clients time to market in meeting with these deliverables.

Our IBOR transition solution is already proven at one of the largest Global Tier One banks and is a unique solution, capable of providing a guided start to finish workflow with full audit trail and independent pricing.

LPA can provide solutions for LIBOR & EURIBOR transitions across all stages of this process from:

Business Advisory
“The IBOR reform is a fundamental change for both markets and banks. It takes a second glance to reveal the full effects.” Christian Behm, Partner LPA

Legal Re-Papering 
Substantially streamlines the entire negotiation lifecycle through automating required processes and document generation whilst complying to organisational-specific needs.

Conduct Risk Sensitive Back Book Transition Workflow
Our IBOR legacy solution combines a customisable workflow and independent pricing validation. We provide market participants with a controlled and fully auditable solution that can be flexed to meet organisational-specific use cases.

A combination of deep experience in markets, technology, operations and compliance enables LPA to provide a fast and cost effective way to transition away from LIBOR.


Want to know how LPA is helping other banks address the transition and provide an understanding into the breadth of capability we possess? Watch the recording of our webinar.



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