IBOR Transition
Transition Management:
How to keep cool when things get hot

#CapTalk: February 11th 2020, 1:00pm (CET)

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While everyone is awaiting the cessation announcement, it is time to start the transition of your legacy business now!


While doing that it is imperative to address key challenges:

- Product universe: establish a comprehensive plan for each product type including product conventions, transition paths, alternative offerings etc.

- Tough legacy: how to handle contracts which cannot be migrated

- Handling of regulatory and market information: staying up-to-date while mastering the flood of information to identify the relevant to-do’s

- Internal and external communication: how to educate staff and clients on the LIBOR transition meeting all Business and regulatory requirements

- Processes and controls: establish responsibilities, controls and processes including an audit trail to mitigate conduct risk


In our recent #CapTalk our experts explained how to kick start your transition programme by answering the most pressuring questions, helping you to avoid common mistakes and keep calm in 2021.



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