Webinar: €STR rising – implications for banking:
Date: 27.04.22, at 17:00 CET

#CapTalk: April 27 2022, 17:00hrs (CET)



While everyone has focused on the transition for (Non-USD) LIBOR by end of 2022, €STR liquidity has increased rapidly since Q3 2021. In addition, the EUR Working Group presented it’s “work program for 2022/2023”  in 03/2022. Reason enough to readjust the focus within the IBOR-transition on the developments of the EUR reference rates.

This results in a number of important fields of action, especially for banks in EUR-land, which we will discuss in the next episode of our #CapTalk:
  • Validation of the EURIBOR / €STR planning scenario: What are the implications for the liquidity of €STR and the future of EURIBOR?
  • Planning for new EUR-Business: Will there be a need for €STR-linked products also for the client business in derivatives, bonds and loans?
  • Switching EUR bank steering: What is the best timing to switch the bank steering from EURIBOR to €STR and which processes are affected?
  • Preparing for EURIBOR-Transition: Do I need to take any actions for a potential future EURIBOR cessation? What are the adequate Fallbacks to implement?
  • Impediments: What issues need to be solved in order to anchor €STR in the whole market?

Speakers: Christian Behm, Peter Woeste Christensen, Stefan Wingenbach,
  27. April 2022; 17:00 - 18:00 hrs (CET), Language: English.  




Christian Behm, Partner

Peter Woeste Christensen

Stefan Wingenbach

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