Enduring success for and with customers – that’s what making your points means to you.

Successful derivative sales assume appropriate solution portfolios.

On one hand the significance of customized advice and product structuring is increasing. On the other hand, it is essential to bring flexible, standardized products for sale using an intelligent and efficient structuring oriented towards the relevant market situation. To act successfully therefore, professional structuring is necessary as a combination of end customer knowledge, capital market expertise and sales experience, together with the competitive operation of the sales support. With its many years of structuring experience LPA supports and guides the development of individual financial products with which you will be successful in customer business.

Our consultants have many years of first-hand practical experience in structuring. Thus, we can take over certain areas for you, as well as supporting the development of such a unit within your company. Our software facilitates your work in that time-consuming procedures such as price-setting and standardized product structuring and the analysis of the portfolio will be automated. High-value tools are available for the individual structuring – including tried and tested state-of-the-art valuation libraries. In short: Structuring means more efficiency for your customer business.