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Customers look for custom-made solutions where their risk management is concerned.

Any action on the international capital market and any cross-border entrepreneurial activity of a general kind lead inevitably to a confrontation with interest-rate and currency risks.  Profits come under threat when interest or exchange rates become subject to unexpected or incalculable dynamics.  A custom-made solution involves individual design with the aim of minimising risks and – consequently – obtaining optimal results. What counts is smart navigation in the activities field between interest-rate movements and currency mismatches or, rather, the current measurements in the exchange area:  an efficient interest-rate and currency management.

This is why a professional and routine interest-rate and currency management is essential for all financial institutions, international companies and private investors.  However, this requires both extensive experience and up-to-date knowledge of ratios, as well as familiarity with typical market mechanisms and the existing regulatory framework.  Distinguish yourself from the competition and stand out in discussions and as an advisor – supported by our comprehensive product and end-customer know-how for the care of your customers in interest-rate management and currency management, based on our many years of experience in the international capital market business and on careful analyses.  Our offer comprises the advice and sale of solutions to end customers.

We do not keep our experience and knowledge to ourselves:  At the LPA Academy we pass on our knowledge of interest-rate and currency management to your staff.  You see: custom made is standard with us.