For us accurate modelling of risks means: Placing your success on a secure footing.

Anyone seeking success while customer and market conditions are constantly changing cannot proceed without a precise risk modelling of financial instruments.

A risk that is not recognized or is underestimated and the resulting incorrect risk measurement might have incalculable consequences – for your customers and for you.   This is why LPA supports banks, insurers and professional investors in creating and developing proprietary solutions and in the integration of solutions by outside suppliers.  In answering special questions, e.g. in the modelling of complex financial instruments, our customers benefit from our long-standing experience in the in-house development of powerful mathematical models.

In addition, we offer specially developed software packages for independent risk measurement and analysis.  These software packages combine the multi-layered practical experience of our team members, thereby reflecting experience and measurement perspectives that a single financial institution cannot easily accumulate itself.  This forms the basis of our digital tools for risk analysis.  Our software solutions secure maximum transparency in the measurement of simple through to complex instruments.  A flexible output dialogue and modular reporting functions enable a comprehensive modelling of the results and display the relevant opportunity and risk profiles.