Helping you master day-to-day challenges – that’s what coordination means to us.

With our support you will find the best products for your customers while developing a sustainable strategy and achieving process optimisation in-house.

Your customers are the key to your business success.  But how do you recognise systematically the needs of your customers?  How do you shape the dialogue, which products stand in the foreground?

The optimal distribution strategy for banks and savings banks combines good sales results with high customer loyalty.  However, the environment in which product development and selection as well as the systematic design of the distribution process take place is a complex one:

  • Banking regulation is changing the environment for banks and savings institutions.
  • Shifts in interest rates and volatile markets are unsettling your customers.
  • Your enterprise is faced with profound changes, which you want to shape actively and responsibly.
  • Data protection and compliance specifications influence your internal processes.

Our advisors develop your distribution strategy against the background of your specific goals and requirements.  This process optimisation is important so that the “right” products find the “right” customers – and so that you permanently increase your earnings from customer business.

Choice of location and distribution strategy

Our advice in the customer business is tailored to your situation.  Your goals in the customer business are our criterion – whether in the corporate client business or when dealing in securities and handling financial market innovations.

The business field analysis as the basis of process optimisation gives our customers a careful appraisal of the performance of customer groups and product fields and makes it possible to identify new sources of earnings.  Working on the basis of the comprehensive choice of location, you can draft strategies for sustainable increases in earnings.

A distribution and business strategy supports you in selling existing and additional products efficiently and on target and so in increasing your turnover sustainably.

It emerges in many cases here that internal processes and the organisation in your bank or savings bank restrict the creation of new business fields and limit growth.  We advise you with regard to process optimisation so that you can exploit potential with your distribution structures better and design your distribution to achieve goals efficiently.

In times of digitalisation, customer dialogue is subject to constant change.  In this important consultancy field of distribution strategy, too, we have well-grounded experience and give our clients practical recommendations for forward-looking strategy and implementation.

Benchmark data and the LPS derivatives radar

Our experience feeds on a great number of business field analyses that we conduct annually.  With more than 30 studies we have a very broad market overview enabling us to hand reliable benchmark data to our clients. Hence you profit from the comprehensive sector knowledge that we have developed in many years of consultancy at numerous banks and savings banks.  This is supplemented by the distribution experience of our consultants, experience that they have obtained as strategy advisors in well-known institutions.

In the customer derivatives business, the LPA derivative radar is available to us, which is our market study on the customer derivative business in the “mittelstand”.  The study data allows well-founded statements on earnings level and dynamics of the customer derivatives business, its KPIs and success factors – a treasure trove for the distribution strategy of banks and insurance companies.