Pinpointing new potential – that’s what a thorough analysis means to us.

Potential Analysis.

Let us set out on an expedition to explore your financial institution. LPA can develop new business models for your interest rate and foreign exchange offerings, assess the structures that are in place, and work out proposals to adapt them accordingly. Our experts have a deep well of specialized knowledge and many years experience in IR and FX management to draw on for our recommendations.

Business may be buzzing with opportunities, but sometimes we’re too busy to hear their call. This is why we have developed a way of putting an ear to the ground – the LPA potential analysis. Its purpose is to identify untapped potential in IR and FX management. There are always two stages to this analysis: a quantitative analysis to assess your earnings potential,and a qualitative analysis where we then listen to what your staff has to say. To get the unadorned facts, we need to hear the story straight from each source. Taken together, these two analyses enable us to identify actionable measures to realize this potential. A benchmark comparison with a peer group of similar institutions lets you know where you stand. Then you can put your best foot forward and step up your sales.

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