Targeted support means for me: sustained measures for financial planning of communities.

Keeping track of personal finances is sometimes easier said than done.

This is challenging enough for private individuals but keeping on top of municipal budgets is particularly difficult.  In order to target support for local governments and semi-public companies in Germany with their financial and liquidity budgets, the Sparkassen-Finanzgruppe teamed up with LPA to launch the “Municipal Debt Diagnosis” (KVD).  As the partner of the Deutsche Sparkassen- und Giroverband (DSGV), LPA supports savings banks in all questions and matters associated with municipal debt diagnosis.

The advantages of taking part in the municipal debt diagnosis:

  • Compact and transparent overview of the portfolio items and of the financing structure
  • A comparative analysis with other project participants affords insight into the community’s interest rate and debt management practices
  • Development of concrete recommendations for action with the responsible savings banks on the basis of the individual priorities and targets
  • Around 800 municipalities and 130 public funds, institutions and enterprises have so far participated in the KVD (municipalities project) initiative so it already serves as a basis for politicians who make budget decisions

Benefits for savings banks:

  • Overview of and access to credit portfolio of your municipal customers
  • A source of information required to develop solutions tailored to each customer account
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