Standing out from the crowd with your IR and FX offerings – that’s what growing your business means to you.

Business Growth.

The real action starts once you are satisfied with our work – if that’s what you want. Proactive IR & FX management constantly presents opportunities to develop new sales pitches, business ideas and prospects. It will be our pleasure to assist you in seizing these opportunities.

To help you develop this potential and grow this line of business, we can:

  • Develop, implement and evolve solutions tailored to your customers
  • Standardize sales process, for example, for low-volume derivatives trading
  • Provide process consulting for new products and new markets
  • Extend the product offering and support rollouts
  • Deliver quality-assured product descriptions, presentations and confirmation templates
  • Analyze portfolios to tap business potential
  • Perform risk-adjusted and quantity-based pricing in the retail business (CVA, Basel III)
  • Accompany to and support your staff at customer visits
  • Provide individual coaching to develop select employees’ professional skills

Your customers require competent, results-focused service even after the deal has been clinched. Our staff can join forces with yours to provide after-sales service and continue developing your processes. This includes tracking products throughout their lifecycles, continuing to evolve products and sales pitches, and even monitoring and restructuring legacy offerings to provide an all-included package for your customers.