Digital product presentation means for you: to modify documents suiting individual clients

Digital Product Presentations

The growing requirements and other conditions imposed by Europe’s banking regulators are diverse in nature and involve much more work and documentation for each financial institution. This presents many banks with a new challenge. Competitors additionally exert pressure on the markets.

Only comprehensive digitalisation can rise to the new challenges and make the banking business efficient, compliant and less costly. Much needed optimisation in the value creation chain and enhancing customer communication can only be achieved with digital innovation – whether for in-house or the regulator.

Software solutions developed by LPA will enable you to elaborate your own comprehensive digital product presentation with ease. Each presentation

  • can cover diverse product groups (OTC derivatives, warrants, certificates, funds, etc.)
  • is based on an efficient, process-automated creation of product documents
  • enables tracking and traceability of processes
  • ensures regulatory conformity (MiFID-II)
  • reduces the error and cost ratio.

Apart from securing efficient and documented implementation of the regulatory requirements, this digital innovation is designed to establish a digital interaction with the customer.