Advice on bank regulation and changing markets means for us – Securing your success and that of your clients.

Regulatory requirements and their implementation.

The comprehensive reorganisation of the financial markets has represented a fundamental challenge for banks and other providers of financial services for a number of years.  Numerous rulebooks on the future banking regulation entail enormous analysis and implementation expense for the financial institutions.  The guideline for markets for financial instruments (MiFID II) and the accompanying directive MiFIR mean a restructuring of the financial markets since they affect products, services and customer relationships alike.  Banks and other financial institutions are faced with a comprehensive adjustment of their organisational structures and business models, in particular in the capital market business.  LPA stands at your side in the framework of the upcoming steps on banking regulation in the “business optimal” implementation of these requirements – we analyse the effects on the operating business and we develop concepts that preserve your profitability and bring your business activities in line with the regulatory requirements.

Benefit from our many years of broad-based sector knowledge in implementing the regulatory requirements in the framework of holistic projects and special topics such as customer information sheets for packaged investment products (KIDs for PRIIPs).  Matters that banks will have to confront in the coming months will include ensuring that documentation is compliant and adjusting the IT systems to the regulatory framework.  LPA specialists accompany you and offer individual advisory solutions for these and numerous other requirements.

Topics focussed on within regulation of the banks:

  • Preliminary studies and workshops on the effects of MiFID II / MiFIR
  • Development of a strategic and regulatory target on MiFID II / MiFIR
  • Implementation of clearing solutions for proprietary and client business (EMIR)
  • Design of a collateral management solution (EMIR)
  • Implementation or inspection of a “Target Operating Model”
  • Advice on regulatory requirements when preparing documents

The outstanding topics on the capital market:

  • Development of a strategic and regulatory target for your company in implementing regulatory projects such as MiFID II / MiFIR
  • Conception and implementation of the specialist requirementsConception and implementation of the specialist requirements
  • Workshops / impact surveys relating to regulatory requirements such as MiFID II / MiFIR
  • Implementation of clearing solutions for proprietary and customer business (EMIR)
  • Analysis and implementation of new regulatory reporting requirements (money market statistics, MiFIR, SFTR, EMIR 2)
  • Guidance on the regulatory requirements in the preparation of documents and their digitalisation

Topics focussed on within capital market business:

  • Automated analysis and measurement of client portfolios
  • Digitalisation of business processes, in particular of distribution
  • Control and automation of issuance processes
  • Agile development through SCRUM

With our comprehensive expertise and our efficient network within the area of “Capital Markets & Regulation” we are your ideal partner.  With us, you align your business models and your process/system landscape in good time and oriented on results to the new directives on banking regulation.  We accompany you as navigator, driving force and source of know-how – so that you can continue to concentrate on your business.