Sound proposals for sustainable business success – that’s what LPA Verifino means

LPA Verifino is assisting banks and savings banks …

as a versatile instrument for analysing their customers credit and derivatives portfolios. In the course of this portfolio analysis, various simulation scenarios are employed to determine interest rate risks and suggest improvements for future portfolio management.
For sales representatives as well interest and currency management staff, LPA Verifino is a crucial tool for portfolio analysis, since it enables them to develop integrated solutions within the context of the portfolio. Using the generated, comprehensive presentations from the portfolio analysis, they can approach their customers proactively and convince them to efficiently employ the portfolio management software, thus strengthening customer loyalty.

DMS in Germany: S-Kompass – a versatile project for interest and debt management, in cooperation with Deutscher Sparkassenverlag

Local authorities and companies frequently need an instrument for planning and managing their debt portfolios. Our solution: S-Kompass, a software independent of any bank. All common forms of credit and derivatives can be depicted precisely and, thanks to up-to-the-minute market data, examined in many different scenarios, including self-defined ones. Comprehensive reporting features and an intuitive analysis section with a multitude of graphic evaluations provide a holistic overview and offer assistance in identifying risks. Transferring interest and principal payments to the in-house financial accounting system is facilitated by a customisable interface. To always fully meet the requirements and wishes of our customers, this web application is – in cooperation with our distribution partner Deutscher Sparkassenverlag (DSV) – continuously refined and adjusted to current market conditions.

Benefits of LPA Verifino in detail:

  • Quick, automated data import – via DMS or Excel
  • Product pricing via integrated pricing feature with customised connection to market data
  • Risk parameters and (self-defined) scenario analyses – assessment on an individual or portfolio basis, independent of target date
  • Tailor-made customer presentations at the push of a button