Standardized documents for more security and less administrative burden – that’s what LPADoc means to you

LPADoc simplifies the secure preparation, administration and automatic generation of documents for financial products of banks and savings banks.

Preparing and formatting documents can be a huge drain on time and energy.  Which is why it is essential to optimise the process – document management with software works with solutions developed individually for you.  

We offer banks user-friendly software for the development of all sales documents, enabling staff to steer the advisory process in the interests of clientele and timeliness while fulfilling all regulatory requirements.  Simultaneously you are preparing your institute for digital banking.

The implementation of software document management means, in concrete terms:  For all products, it is possible to access standardised, comprehensive and audited documents such as product information sheets (PiBs) and transaction confirmations – your consultants can take even more time for their customers.  We support you of course for the initial integration of your documents into the new software – with staff that has many years of experience in document management by software and are familiar with the requirements of digital banking.

The advantages of the document management via software with LPA Doc:

  • Separation of content and layout.
  • High degree of re-usability of content, structure, layout and calculations.
  • User-inputs control the document contents dynamically.
  • Diagrams and calculations on Excel basis depending on user inputs.
  • Supports PDF and PDF/A
  • Support of the formatting capabilities of MS Word, MS Powerpoint and MS Excel.
  • Extensive version management including audit trail and user-defined workflows.
  • Tracking of changes and dual control principle when changes are made to the templates.
  • QM support with regression tests and test management

In introducing LPADoc, we support you both in terms of content and technically.

This support includes:

  • Summary review of your existing products and documents.
  • Structuring your documents to increase the degree of automation.
  • Modelling the relevant input data of your product universe.
  • The transfer of your master documents to the system.
  • Professional and individual presentation preparation that is tailored to your personal layout.
  • Training your staff in the use of the system.