LPA Captano means for you: more process and legal reliability in your business dealings.

LPA Captano makes possible...

the rapid determination of correct, indicative prices as well as comfortable document generation, including PowerPoint presentations, term sheets and product information bulletins.  With far fewer routine chores to perform, you have more time for your clients.  Plus: LPA Captano assists you in achieving more process reliability and legal compliance as well as a uniform corporate image thanks to systematic document generation.


  • Extensive range of IR & FX management products.
  • Easy pricing – based on current market data.
  • Profitability assessments – using profitability ratios derived from the customer’s credit rating and expected market value development.
  • Capturing the initial situation of the client.
  • Generation of proposal documents and product information sheets for sales support from the bank back office.
  • Full back office functionality –every proposal is easily converted to existing client business.
  • Possibility of individualization of the requirements of the relevant group within the bank.

Our service in connection with Captano:

With LPA Captano we provide you with a direct-use document generation system tailored to fit your company.  Not only can you have us install LPA Captano, you can also have us operate it to reduce your internal IT expense. And, if you want us to send a consultant in addition to the software to answer your staff’s questions and lighten your IT staff’s workload, then you can request that too.