27. February 2017

MiFID II & MiFIR Index: Overview of the most current regulatory documents

Before MiFID II and MiFIR become applicable throughout Europe from January 2018, numerous documents for discussion, consultation and comment have been or are expected to be published during the specification and drafting phase.

In our MiFID II Index we organise the flood of MiFID II documents or MiFIR documents and present you an overview of the relevant sources. The regulatory and implementing technical standards of the European Commission (level II), as well as ESMA guidelines and Q&As of ESMA (level III) already published, are matched with the respective articles from MiFID II and MiFIR legal texts.  Additionally, we illustrate the current completion status of the MiFID II documents and MiFIR Dokuments from draft to publication in the official gazette.

Download the MiFID Index II here.

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