“Making your points” means for you: Seminars staged by seasoned consultants.

Our vocation is interest rate and foreign exchange management.

We are specialists in our job, and not “generalists for training courses”.  Many of our staff have experience in banks as corporate client support officers.  This means for you:  In our seminar portfolio for banks we only speak of matters which we really understand.  We speak of our experience and impart knowledge, knowledge that we extend day by day through our work.  The outcome: Consistently relevant information.  Promised!

Who would you rather trust to fix your car, a mechanic with hands blackened by grease or someone who hasn’t lifted a hood in years? Exactly.  Our workshops and our seminar portfolio for banks thrive on being practise-oriented and up to date.  We know about relevant cases and cite interesting examples that we may have experienced only yesterday or even today:   A plus point that distinguishes us from and makes us superior to pure training establishments.

Our workshops and seminars are directed at employees in banks and savings banks.

Thanks to our experienced and practice-oriented seminar leaders, the courses in our seminar portfolio for banks and our workshops for interest rate and foreign exchange management are fine-tuned for the tasks of the individual participants. This is what targeted instruction // imparting of knowledge looks like:  for example, for employees in interest and currency management, or in the areas Legal & Compliance or Sales and Trading.

Our daily work with clients, our qualified staff from a variety of disciplines and our long-standing know-how in consultancy together ensure that we are well-informed in matters of interest rate and foreign currency management. Our specialist knowledge forms the basis, the substance and focus of our seminars.

For employees working in interest-rate and currency management, in sales and in trading.

As part of the financing of your customers, once decisions have been made on the type and term of the basic financing, the question arises as to hedging interest rate risks or rather as to optimizing the interest charges.

The interest-rate management seminar addresses savings bank employees working in interest-rate and currency management and in sales and trading.  One of its goals is to provide intensive training in the fundamentals of interest-rate management.  Here, apart from the theoretical bases, the focus is on the exact observation of various standard products and how they may be combined for sales purposes. These insights are then applied to develop various interest strategies for different objectives and market expectations.  The concrete selection of the products is adjusted as necessary with a view to the current market situation.

For interest-rate and foreign exchange management, sales and trading staff

Exporters and importers need to be able to hedge against exchange rate fluctuations. This interest rate management seminar for IR and FX management and sales and trading staff essentially discusses the fundamentals of foreign exchange management, including classic hedging strategies using forward transactions and simple foreign exchange options. Then the standard conventions of foreign exchange management are presented. The seminar also covers alternative strategies addressing such issues as exchange rate hedging, cost neutrality and participation in exchange rate developments. Reward and risk profiles of the individual products are also presented and discussed.

CVA in Interest Rate & Foreign Exchange Management

For Interest Rate and Foreign Exchange Management staff

The financial crisis has sharpened the focus on counterparty risks, particularly with respect to derivative instruments used in IR & FX management. In this seminar for IR & FX staff, we examine the risks that processes within the bank (economic CVA) and compliance requirements (regulatory CVA) have made more difficult to calculate. The focus is also on creating and pricing IR & FX offerings, which has also become a far more complex task. Simple strategies such as payer swaps and forward exchange transactions are also discussed.

For specialists and management staff working in interest rate and foreign exchange management, trading, risk controlling, finance and reporting.

The financial crisis has sharpened awareness of counterparty risks – particularly with respect to derivative instruments used in IR and FX management.  The subjects addressed in the seminar are:

  • Emergence of counterparty risks
  • Valuation adjustments
  • Regulatory capital backing
  • Analysis of cost components of a derivative transaction
  • Financial statement presentation of counterparty risks

The seminar is made practical through the illustration of realistic situations and is assisted by LPA’s own measurement software which enables you to develop and perform the valuation of a derivative transaction within your customer business which has been adjusted for credit standing.

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