“Making your points” means for us: Being successful for you.

LPA – the company

LPA combines the services of a consulting company with innovative software solutions, products and strategies from the capital markets business. More than 180 capital market specialists work at our offices in Frankfurt and Leipzig. For more than 15 years we have been passing on our experience and knowledge to banks and other financial institutions for their customer business.  In brief:  We from LPA work for your success. Your success is our success, too.

Our staff has made us what we are today:  a successful consultancy in the field of interest-rate and foreign currency management.  The team at LPA consists of colleagues of different disciplines whose abilities and experience complement each other perfectly. Spiced up with a lot of humour and commitment that is, as it were, the secret recipe for our success as a consultancy for foreign exchange management.


Our values are not some abstract company philosophy. They describe how we behave and serve as a compass for our actions in the daily work we do for you.

Professionalism: We strive for highest quality and professional expertise without ever losing sight of the customer.

Responsibility: We assume responsibility and show complete determination to achieve sustained success for our customers.

Partnership: It is only by teamwork that we achieve the goals we have set ourselves. This is why everything we do is the spirit of partnership, fairness and candor.

Performance: We make fast and well-founded decisions without losing sight of the essentials.

Innovation: Our personal development forms the basis of the future success of our customers.

Curiosity: We constantly adapt to changing market conditions and customer demands, and we strive to anticipate these.

Humour: We enjoy what we do and our daily work together.


More than fifteen years ago, a few capital market specialists decided to go independent. They sought to share their knowledge of interest rate and foreign exchange management. For example, in workshops for interest-rate and foreign exchange management for banks, savings banks and insurance companies. The success story:  Since 1999 LPA has grown to a company with over 120 employees.  Meanwhile, we support customers in the areas of consultancy, software and quantitative development not only from Frankfurt, but also from the locations Leipzig, Paris and Madrid.  The future:  Something to watch out for – the success story of LPA is still far from complete.

Enjoying the work we do for our customers – that’s what making your points means to us.


Our employees made our company what it is today: a successful consulting firm specializing in interest rate and foreign exchange management. Our executives bring together broad qualifications and diverse experience to create the perfect skill-set for our line of business. Seasoned with a liberal dash of humor and a great deal of commitment, this is the recipe to our success.

In addition, employees with special business and science skills support management in our various business units.

Sales & LPA Academy

Stefan Lucht

Managing Partner Stefan Lucht jointly founded LPA with Roland Probst in 1999. He heads up Sales, the LPA Academy and Account Acquisition, and directs the corporate strategy.

Contact: stefan.lucht[QA==]l-p-a.com

Thomas Eitenmüller

As Managing Partner, Thomas Eitenmüller brings his collective knowledge of trading, sales and structuring to bear in support of our customers’ sales efforts.

Contact: thomas.eitenmueller[QA==]l-p-a.com

Natalie Forman

Partner Natalie Forman heads up Sales and Account Acquisitions Europe and has many years account management experience to draw on.

Contact: natalie.forman[QA==]l-p-a.com

Consulting Strategies

Roland Probst

Managing Partner Roland Probst jointly founded LPA with Stefan Lucht in 1999. He directs the corporate strategy as well as the ongoing, demand-driven development of consulting strategies and products.

Contact: roland.probst[QA==]l-p-a.com

Christian Behm

Partner Christian Behm serves LPA with his sales process analysis, structuring and monitoring skills and knowledge of the various financial markets.

Contact: christian.behm[QA==]l-p-a.com

Quantitative Models

Dr. Wolfram Boenkost

Managing Partner Dr. Wolfram Boenkost is responsible for developing and marketing innovative pricing models, applications and systems, and for developing and verifying new financial products and strategies with analytical and mathematical models.

Contact: wolfram.boenkost[QA==]l-p-a.com

Dr. Daniel Herzbach

Partner Dr. Daniel Herzbach is responsible for developing new pricing models, where he brings his considerable knowledge of financial theory and software skills to bear.

Contact: daniel.herzbach[QA==]l-p-a.com

Software Development

Stefan Reininger

Executive Officer Stefan Reininger heads up the Software division, where he is responsible for standard LPA software and all custom applications.

Contact: stefan.reininger[QA==]l-p-a.com

Jan Valter

Partner Jan Valter is a driving force in the continued development of LPA Captano software. He also had a formative hand in setting up the Integration & Support unit.

Contact: jan.valter[QA==]l-p-a.com

Savings Banks

Peter Gartelmann

Peter Gartelmann heads up the Savings Banks division. Drawing on a deep well of experience, he understands the challenges of this business and is able to respond quickly and effectively to the client’s best benefit.

Contact: peter.gartelmann[QA==]l-p-a.com

Markus Diesing

Partner Markus Diesing is responsible for Savings Banks Account Management, where he makes the most of his considerable experience serving our customers.

Contact: markus.diesing[QA==]l-p-a.com

Cooperative Banks

Dr. Henning Gockel

Partner Dr. Henning Gockel heads up Cooperative Banks Account Management. He has provided guidance and support in countless deals and his end-costumer knowledge is vast.

Contact: henning.gockel[QA==]l-p-a.com

Business Management

Arne Grotheer

As Director Business Management, Arne Grotheer heads up Marketing, HR and Corporate Development. His responsibilities also extend to finance, contract management and LPA’s public relations

Contact: arne.grotheer[QA==]l-p-a.com